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Swap Your Tap Aerators to Slash Your Water & Energy Usage

These tap aerators are an easy to install 'insert' for your existing tapware. They will reduce basin water usage (and associated hot water costs) by up to 70%.

  • Reduces the flow of water from your tap without reducing water pressure.
  • Comes with a replacement washer.
  • Fits any standard 'M22' or 'M24' aerator housing (22 to 24mm diameter).
  • Use our tap aerator spanner tool if required.

Choose Your Tap Aerator Flow Rate

Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to choose from 2, 4, 6 or 9 litres per minute.

  • Green Tap Aerator = 2 litres per minute. Ideal for public bathrooms or other areas where maximum water savings are desired.
  • Light Green Tap Aerator = 4 litres per minute. Suitable for household bathroom basin taps.
  • Red Tap Aerator = 6 litres per minute. Good for kitchen sink aerators and laundry basins.
  • White Tap Aerator = 9 litres per minute. Suits kitchens and laundry faucets where a higher flow rate is required.

For reference, most existing bathroom and kitchen taps are 9 litres per minute or higher. If your faucets are already 'water efficient' they are likely to be 6 litres per minute. If in doubt, get out a bucket and stopwatch and take some measurements!

Tap Aerator / Faucet Aerator Installation

Installation of your new water-efficient tap aerator is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the existing aerator housing and remove your existing aerator (and washers).
  2. Assemble your new aerator by placing the insert and new washer (included) into the housing.
  3. Clean the thread on your tap.
  4. Screw your new tap aerator on and hand-tighten.

For scratch-free installation, we recommend using this tap aerator spanner tool.

Here's a YouTube video showing the above process. It's by an American installer, but it's just the same principle here!


Tap Aerators - Set & Forget!

Unlike so many other energy and water efficiency actions, this is one that you don't have to 'remember' to use. Once it's installed, that's it... you don't need to re-educate your whole household or office on what to do. The tap aerator regulates the water flow and does the saving for you.

These tap aerators work with your existing tapware. All you need is an existing aerator housing (it's part of your existing faucet). The aerator assemblies are typically 2.4cm in diameter and can have either a male or female thread.

This faucet aerator insert and replacement washer fit inside your existing aerator housings.

Specifications - Tap Aerator Insert / Faucet Aerator

Flow Rate 2, 4, 6, or 9 litres per minute
Existing Taps 8 to 15 litres per minute
Colour Green = 2 litres per minute
Light green = 4 litres per minute
Red = 6 litres per minute
White = 9 litres per minute
Note: You cannot see these colours once installed - this is just so you can tell them apart during installation!
Dimensions Approx 20mm (diameter) by 15mm (high) - see images section for precise dimensions. Fits in existing aerator housings of 22mm or 24mm width with either male or female thread.
Weight 3 grams (including washer)
Installation Self install or ask a plumber - use a spanner tool if needed

Frequently Asked Questions - Tap Aerator

Is this for 'male' or 'female' faucet aerator enclosures?

These tap aerator inserts suit both female (M22x1) or male threading (M24x1).

What other sizes are available?

We have regular stock of the standard size M22 (female thread) / M24 (male thread) aerator found in most basin tap faucets across Australia. But we can also order in some other sizes. For options, please see the images section (final image), which shows the exact dimensions of other tap aerators designated as M18, M20, etc. Please note we can only do custom orders for 100+ aerators.

Customer Reviews

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John Elder
Wrong size

Too large for my kitchen taps, my mistake.
John. Brisbane.

Robert K.
Very happy

Very happy

Frank B.
Good product - quick delivery

Good product - quick delivery

Michael S.
Works perfectly

I have already noticed a reduction in water usage and energy costs relating to hot water use - should have purchased these years ago -awesome value for money

Steven G.
They work very well indeed.

They work very well indeed.

George P.
Great product,I love it

Great product,I love it

Nithin K.
Postage is expensive

price and product is good, but postage kills it.

Francisco G.
On time and as expected.

On time and as expected.
Thank you.

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