EGLO Noosa LED Light Board

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Replacement LED Light for EGLO Noosa

This is a replacement LED light for our EGLO Noosa ceiling fans. It suits all styles (white, black, etc.) and all sizes (40in, 46in, 52in, 60in) of Noosa ceiling fans with LED lights.

What is an LED light board?

An LED light board is a custom-designed lighting source. In this case, the EGLO part number ET2855 is precisely (and only) designed for use with EGLO Noosa ceiling fans. Unlike a light bulb with a standard socket, this LED light board is a custom shape and uses a small plug-in connector.

Using an LED light board rather than a light globe allows for a low-profile design. It also allows for a longer lifespan and more customisation, such as selectable colour temperature.

How do I know if my Noosa LED light requires replacement?

A failed LED light board is the most likely fault if your ceiling fan's light is no longer working. Please complete these two simple checks to confirm the issue:

  1. Switch your fan off and then on at the isolation switch (wall switch). If the LED light is working, it should come on by default when you switch the fan on at the wall.
  2. Check if your fan is synced correctly by re-pairing your remote control and receiver as per page 8 of the manual.

If your LED light board exhibits another fault (such as flickering) rather than a simple failure, you may need to replace the LED driver. The LED driver is a separate part and should be installed by an electrician.

Can I install the LED light board myself?

Yes, the LED light board is held in place with a few screws and a small plug-in connector near the middle. Switch your fan off at the wall before replacing the light.

Is the LED light covered under warranty?

The LED light is covered by EGLO's initial 3-year in-home warranty period. You can make a warranty claim per the instructions on our technical support page under 'EGLO'.

The replacement part is available for sale on this page for any customer who:

  1. Falls outside of EGLO's warranty period, or
  2. Does not wish to make a formal warranty claim, or
  3. Wishes to buy a spare LED light board for later use.

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