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The World's Best Selling Energy Monitor

The Efergy Elite Classic Wireless Energy Monitor is the world's best selling in-home energy display (with over 500,000 units sold). Here's why:

  • It's suitable for both single and three-phase. Choose the appropriate kit for your household when ordering.
  • It's simple and easy to use - shows both "real-time" and historical energy usage and cost (over days, weeks, and months).
  • Apart from energy usage, the portable display screen also shows time, temperature and humidity.
  • Optional alarm function sounds an alarm (and flashes red) when a pre-set power usage level is exceeded.
  • Monitor your whole home or a selected circuit only - such as hot water or air conditioning.

Efergy Elite Home Energy Monitor - How it Works

The Efergy Elite home energy monitor has the following key components:

  1. Display Screen - Sits inside your home so you can easily keep track of your energy usage (needs 3 x AA batteries).
  2. Wireless Transmitter - This goes inside your meter box and is also battery powered (needs 3 x AA batteries).
  3. CT Sensor Clamp(s) - These plug into the transmitter and measure the power usage. We'll send you 1 clamp for single-phase or 3 clamps for three-phase.

Efergy Elite Home Energy Monitor Components

The Efergy Elite Display Screen (left), Transmitter (middle), and Sensor Clamp (right)

Efergy Elite - Installation Guide

In many cases, the sensor clamp(s) can be fitted at the front of your meter board. It's a quick (5 minute) job for an electrician to fit them behind the board if necessary.

The image below shows a "behind the board" single-phase installation. In this case, the clamp was installed behind the board as there was not enough room available above the main service fuse on the front side.

Single Phase Home Energy Monitor Installation

The circular image on the right shows the sensor clamp placed around the main supply cable behind the board. The presence of a single black 'service fuse' indicates a single-phase installation. Three-phase properties have 3 of these service fuses.

Got Solar Panels?

If you have solar panels installed you can use an Efergy Elite to track either:

  • Household power consumption, or
  • Solar power production.

If you want to track both of the above you will need to buy two Efergy Elites.

Another option for households with solar panels is our Powersensor solar energy monitor & app.

Specifications - Efergy Elite Home Energy Monitor

Voltage Range 110V - 300V AC
Measurement Range 50mA - 70A (12W to 16.8kW)
Transmitter Range Up to 70m (uses 433.5MHz)
Accuracy Typically within ±10% - use a 'sub meter' if higher accuracy is required for metering purposes.
Tariffs Four
Three Phase Compatible Yes
Data Download No
Key Measurements Energy Now - shows kW (to 3 decimal places), Cost per hour or day, KgCO2 per hour or day, time, temperature, humidity.
History - shows average and total daily, weekly, and monthly kWh usage (from 0.001 to 9999 kWh), cost, and KgCO2. Stores 1 year of data.
Power Supply The Screen & Transmitter requires 3 x AA batteries each (not included). The screen can also be powered by a 5V 1A DC supply (not included).
Dimensions Screen: 78 x 117 x 32mm
Transmitter: 107 x 63 x 31mm (plus 3 short leads for the clamps)
Clamp: 42 x 27 x 27mm (10mm internal diameter) plus 1m lead
Weight Screen: 214g (with batteries), Transmitter: 140g (with batteries), Clamp: 55g
Product Identifiers Efergy Elite Classic (Model), FW No. 4.0 (Version), 4897037690030 (Barcode)
Further Details Efergy Elite Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What items will I receive with my order?

Model Items Included
Single Phase 1 x Elite Display Screen
1 x Wireless Transmitter
1 x CT Sensor Clamp
Three Phase 1 x Elite Display Screen
1 x Wireless Transmitter
3 x CT Sensor Clamps

How can I tell if I have a Single Phase or Three Phases?

At your electricity meter board, take a look at the 'Main Switch.' Using the image below as a guide you should be able to see which type you have.

Main Switch

Single-phase (single pole) main switch on left vs. three-phase (three-pole) main switch on right. Still confused? See our blog.

How much data does it store?

The Efergy Elite stores data for 12 months. Using the history plus backwards and forwards buttons you can scroll through the last 7 days daily history, the last four weeks weekly history, and the last 12 months monthly history.

Can I place the sensor clamp around the white lead to a plug-in appliance?

No - Wireless energy monitors do not work on regular power leads like an extension cord. This is because they need to clamp around the active cable only at your meter board. You might like to check out our range of 'plug-in power meters' to measure individual appliances such as portable air conditioners.

Can I see the usage from each individual phase (3 phase version)?

No - The transmitter sums up its total usage and reports this as one channel of data. So whether you buy the single-phase (1 clamp) or 3 phase (3 clamps) version, you will still get one (total) reading from the transmitter.

Can extra transmitters be linked to the Efergy Elite?

No - The display screen only shows one channel (ie. one transmitter) of data.

Where can I find more tips and troubleshooting advice?

We've compiled information here for advanced tips and troubleshooting on topics including:

  • Re-pairing the display and transmitter together.
  • Adjusting the transmitter data rate.
  • Improving wireless stability between transmitter & receiver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Anton Ingarfield

Very prompt and professional response

Alister Hadlow
Ace product

These things are awesome. They work so well and REALLY help you save money and find out what is the juiciest appliances in the home 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

2nd buy

I bought the solar monitor; it is easy to set up, if you follow the step by step instructions. So pleased with it I bought the power monitor. Both work brilliantly and I can now see exactly what the solar panels are producing and the power being used in the house, which lets me control my use of power accordingly. It's the best new toy I have had for ages. Highly recommended!

Robert Austin

all good!

Tony Griffin
Good Product

All works as described

Brian Richardson
Very effective tool

The Energy Monitor worked straight out of the box, connecting to an existing current sensor. Simple and informative readings.

Brian V.


John B.
Efergy wireless not as friendly as the Watts cleaver

The new unit is not useful as the older version of the Watts clever. I am interested in reading the net import from grid after allowing for solar which watts clever used to indicate. I now need 2 units and then manually subtract to see the net import from grid

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