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Aircon Off

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Control your AC with a smarter remote

Aircon Off lets you take control of AC by limiting the operating temperatures that users can select.

  • Prevent over-cooling or over-heating.
  • Compatible with any split AC unit with simple setup.
  • Backlit display & all standard AC remote functions still available.
  • Tamperproof programming and battery cover.

 Additionally the Pro model features:

  • Placebo Effect - Gives users impression that temperature range is not restricted.
  • Daily Off Timer - Switches AC off after a chosen number of hours.

Why optimise AC set-point temperatures?

Air conditioning can be an efficient way to cool or heat, but only if carefully managed. This means setting realistic temperatures and sticking to them.

As a rule of thumb, air conditioning energy usage varies by 5 to 10% for every 1 ̊C adjustment in set-point temperature.

To reduce energy usage, a higher set-point is warranted in summer and a lower one in winter.

Do you know someone who likes to switch the AC to 16°C on a hot day? Or aims straight for 30°C when it starts to get a bit cold? Or maybe you rent out a room, list on Airbnb, or run a hotel or motel?

Whatever the case - air conditioner users often select an inefficient set-point temperature. Especially if they're not the one who pay the electricity bill!

How the Aircon Off remote works

Aircon Off comes preprogrammed with a limited temperature range. We think it's already pretty generous:

  • Preset cooling range of 21-30°C
  • Preset heating range of 17-23°C

These can be adjusted during setup to limit the range even more. Or, you can take things a step further...

AC 'Placebo Effect' explained (Pro model only)

Don't like the thought of being limited to a narrow temperature range? The Pro model includes a Placebo Effect feature to solve this. 

The Placebo Effect allows the Aircon Off Pro remote to be setup so your AC unit only appears to operate over a wide temperature range.

For example, program in a 5°C Placebo Effect and set a minimum cooling temperature of 23°C. When the user operates the remote, they can click all the way down to a displayed temperature of 18°C. But the remote will only instruct the AC to cool to 23°C. This ensures the AC will operate sensibly & save energy without generating negative feedback from unsuspecting users.

See the dropdown menu at the top of this page to order the Pro model.

Specifications - Aircon Off Universal Remote

Compatibility Universal remote for all brands of air conditioners
Batteries 2 x AAA alkaline (not included)
Range 8 meters from remote to air conditioner
Dimensions 165 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm (length x width x depth)
Weight approx. 100 grams (excluding batteries)
Material Plastic body
Installation Self Installation, see manual for setup codes.
Carton Quantity 100 per carton
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Manufacturers Description: Aircon Off Smart Remote Basic, Aircon Off Smart Remote PRO; Barcode: 9368056974005 (Standard) 9368056915046 (Pro).
Further Documentation Aircon Off Standard Owner Manual (PDF)
Aircon Off Pro Owner Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a custom temperature range, adjust the Placebo Effect (Pro model) or set the daily off timer (Pro model)?

See the owner's manuals for full setup instructions. A printed copy will be included with your order. A PDF copy is also available in the specification table above.

    Can other users change the settings?

    Both the Standard and Pro models lock the setup functions, requiring a special code to access (see the manual for details). The battery compartment can also be locked in place with a small screw (supplied) to prevent tampering.

    Is my air conditioner compatible?

    Short answer - yes. The owner's manuals above contain a full list of compatible air conditioner brands at the back. Additionally, unlisted brands can be set using an 'auto search' setup function. Aircon Off provides a money-back guarantee regarding compatibility.

    I've lost my original air conditioner's remote, can I use this?

    Yes - this is a universal remote. We think it's a better replacement than your original remote!

    Doesn't setting the temperature low in summer and high in winter make the AC work faster?

    No - setting excessive set points won't make your AC cool or heat any faster. Problem is, your AC will keep on running, trying to reach that unrealistic temperature. Doing so uses far more energy, and puts extra wear and tear on the AC system.

    What temperature settings do you recommend?

    We think the Aircon Off default settings are a great start. But consider this - most people find an outside temperature of:

    • 18-20˚C to be very pleasant in winter.
    • 24-26˚C to be comfortable in summer.

    So why not aim for these settings to be used? 

    What other heating & cooling products do you recommend?

    To really maximise your energy efficiency, you can also:

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