Waste Less, Live Better

If everyone lived like a typical Australian, we’d need about 4 Planet Earths worth of resources to sustain our current lifestyles (link).

Reduction Revolution is a business that exists to set right this imbalance: to help individuals and organisations operate more sustainably.

Contrary to popular wisdom, living more sustainably does not cost money. 'Sustainability' done right actually saves individuals money and increases business profitability and success.

At its core, it's about wasting less and living better.

Education + Efficiency

Our focus at Reduction Revolution is on education and efficiency. More specifically:

  • Education – an essential precursor to making informed choices and affecting fundamental change in how things get done.
  • Energy & Resource Efficiency – because eliminating wastage is, in our view, the quickest and most cost-effective path toward more sustainable living.

What We Do

Our products and services currently include:

We welcome your feedback and input on new and existing product lines.

Who We Work With

If you can place an order online (and sometimes even if you can't), we can probably work with you! Over the years, we have supplied a vast range of customers.

Here are a few examples:

Where We Operate

Most of our products and services are offered exclusively online via this website. This enables us to deliver products across Australia, New Zealand, and around the world.

Our head office and warehouse are located in Sydney.

Our History

Reduction Revolution was established in 2010 by Ryan McCarthy, a qualified photovoltaic engineer and energy efficiency expert.

From 2010 to 2015, Reduction Revolution Pty Ltd traded under the name 'negergy' (negergy.com.au). Negergy (pronounced neg-er-jee) is a word we made up which simply means 'saved energy.' It's a play on the negawatt concept first championed by Amory Lovins. However, the name often ended up being mispronounced or misspelt. Being a website, this was a bit of a problem for customers trying to find us again. So, since 2015 we have traded under our company name - Reduction Revolution!

In 2015 we also incorporated the products and services of Steplight Pty Ltd into Reduction Revolution Pty Ltd. Steplight (steplight.com.au) was active between 2007 and 2015 and involved the collaboration of many people and organisations.