Power-Mate 15 Amp Power Meter

Power Mate

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The Power Mate 15 Amp is a power meter used for measuring the power consumption of larger 15 amp appliances including:

  • Commercial kitchen appliances (cookers, dishwashers, etc).
  • Caravan park and boat marina powered sites.
  • Many other devices including some water pumps, computer server equipment, and air conditioners.


    Power-Mate 15 Amp - Specifications

    15 amp power plug

    Keep in mind the 15 Amp Power-Mate will not work with a standard 10 amp wall socket. 15 amp plugs have a larger earth pin than 10 amp plugs (see picture).

    • Electricity Rate Setting: 0 – 99.999 c/kWh
    • Greenhouse Gas Setting: 0 – 9.999 kg/kWh
    • Inbuilt timer shows the total time the unit has been plugged in since last reset (up to 99 days)
    • Cost: 0 – 999999 shown in ± $ to 0.01
    • Energy: 0 – 99999 shown in ± kWh to 0.01
    • Greenhouse Gas: 0 – 99999 shown in ± kg to 0.01
    • Volts: 170.0 – 270.0 shown in V to 0.1
    • Amps: 00.000 – 15.000 shown in A to 0.001
    • Power: 0 – 3,600.0 shown in ± W to 0.1
    • Apparent Power: 0 – 3,600.0 in VA to 0.5
    • Power Factor: ± 0.001 to 1 (dimensionless) Leading/Lagging
    • Frequency: 45-65 shown in Hz to 0.1
    • Accuracy error for all ranges is better than 2%, (typical accuracy error is better than 1%)

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