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An affordable & efficient LED troffer

The Philips SmartBright 2.0 Recessed LED panel is an ideal replacement for T5 and T8 troffer ceiling light fittings. It has the following features:

  • Standard '4 Foot' 1200 x 300mm panel size.
  • Can be used in both plaster and recessed (T-bar) ceilings (plaster mounting clips included).
  • Slimline and lightweight design.
  • Comes pre-wired with 1.4m power lead and 3-pin plug.
Philips LED Panel Troffer Front
Front of Philips LED Panel
Philips LED Panel Troffer Back

Back of Philips LED Panel

Benefits of making the switch to Philips LED Panels

There are several benefits to switching to LED Panels over other options such as Philips LED Tubes. These include:

  1. Easy handling and installation - product only weighs 2.3kg and is just 3cm thick. This is a drastic improvement over the old cumbersome and heavy fluorescent lighting systems.
  2. Wide compatibility - suits all common ceiling grid layouts, ideal for replacing either T8 or T5 fluorescent lighting.
  3. Massive energy savings - reduce energy consumption by 70% (when compared to an existing twin T8 tube fitting) or 40% (compared to a single T8 tube fitting).
  4. Lower maintenance - reduce maintenance costs with a long fixture lifetime and no need for lamp replacements!

Further Discounts on Bulk Orders

If you require more than 50 units (ie. 25 x 2 Packs) of this product we are currently able to offer a further discount for deliveries made within Australia. If this applies to you, please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide this discounted price via email.

Specifications - Philips SmartBright 2.0 LED Troffer

Power Consumption 26W
Voltage 220 - 240 V
Colour Temperature Neutral White (4000K)
Lifetime 25,000 hours
Beam Angle 120°
Light Output 2,200 lumens
Dimensions 1,197mm x 297mm x 32mm - suitable for standard office lighting ceiling grids
Weight 2.3kg
Installation Recessed (t-bar) or flush mount (plaster) ceilings
IP Rating IP20
Material Steel housing and polycarbonate cover
Product Identifiers RC098V26W4KFREP, RC098V, 102078140, 824110141891 (barcode)
Further Documentation Philips SmartBright 2.0 LED Troffer Spec Sheet (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with replaceable LED tubes?

No - the LED components are built into the light fitting. Traditional t-bar troffer lights have tubes, ballasts, starters, and connectors - all of which can fail. These LED troffers, on the other hand, are fully integrated into a single unit for simplicity and ease of installation.

They will last for a very long time - at least 10 years under normal office hours. If a light does eventually fail, the whole fitting needs to be replaced. This is easily done as they come pre-wired with a power plug, so an electrician is not necessarily required.

Is this a 'T8' or 'T5' light fitting?

The terms T8 and T5 refer to old-style fluorescent tubes. As this LED panel light does not contain tubes (see above), these terms do not apply. What is important is the size of the panel - which is designed to fit into all standard office ceiling lighting layouts.

Do you have a brighter or higher wattage option?

Wattage is no longer a direct indicator of brightness. In fact, we have found these 26W LED panels to be a suitable replacement for existing single and twin-tube light fittings.

If you are unsure if they will be suitable we suggest buying two initially to try out. You can always return them for an exchange or refund if you are not satisfied. Alternatively, please contact us if you require a higher output option and we'd be happy to provide a quotation.

What other options are available?

If you prefer to retain your existing light fittings and simply replace your fluro tubes with LED, please see our:

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