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Efergy Engage Hub Online Energy Monitor - Regular


$128.50 AUD $149.95 AUD

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The Efergy Engage Hub allows you to monitor your energy consumption from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Got Solar? See the Efergy Engage Hub for Solar.

Our price includes everything you need:

  1. The Hub - A small wireless gateway that plugs into your existing internet router.
  2. Transmitter - This goes inside your meter box. You can buy extra transmitters if you want to separately track additional circuits.
  3. Sensor Clamp(s) - These plug into the transmitter and measure the power usage. We'll send you 1 clamp for single phase or 3 clamps for three phase.
  4. Free Software & Apps - Free access to the efergy engage online platform as well as apps for iPhone, Android and iPad.

Here's How it Works

Efergy Engage Hub - Key Features

  • Suitable for single or three phase households (see drop-down menu).
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly or average electricity costs in easy-to-read graphics.
  • Download energy usage data onto your PC/Mac.
  • Teach yourself and show others how to reduce their energy use.

    Technical Specifications - Efergy Engage Hub Kit

    • Transmission Range: up to 70m (uses 433MHz between the sensor and hub)
    • Update Frequency: updates every 6, 12 or 18 seconds (user selectable).
    • Voltage Range: 110V - 300V
    • Current Range: 50mA - 95A (12W to 22.8kW)
    • Current Sensor: 10mm internal diameter (need larger clamps? click here)
    • Hub Gateway Power: AC Plug-pack
    • Transmitter Power: 3 X AA Batteries
    • 3 phase compatible: Yes
    • Portable Display Screen: No - if you want a separate display screen we recommend one of our other energy monitors.
    • Product Manual: Efergy Engage Hub Manual (PDF)

    How to Install

    In most cases the sensor clamp(s) can be fitted at the front of your meter board. It's a quick (5 minute) job for an electrician to fit them behind the board if necessary.

    The following video is a simplified depiction of how installation works in the UK. In Australia & NZ our meter boards look quite different to this, but you can see the key components and how the system works:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often do the readings update?

    The main 'Real Time Usage' power reading updates every 6 seconds. This can also be reduced to once every 12 or 18 seconds to conserve the battery life of the transmitter.

    How detailed is the usage information?

    The usage graphs are very detailed, with the main 'Energy Demand' graph showing usage at a minute-to-minute level. You can even scroll backwards through time to view data from previous days. Here is an example day of data from a very energy efficient household:

    Electricity usage profile

    Using the 'History Usage' chart you can also scroll back and see cumulative totals by hour, day, month and year. Here are some examples:

    Hourly energy usage history

    Daily electricity usage totals

    Can I view a live preview of the software?

    Yes - you can view a live preview of the software here: Efergy Engage Dashboard Demo.

    Please Note: your actual login will display in $ not £ like on the demo site.

    How much does the software cost?

    The software is free. In other words, the ongoing software cost is included in the upfront cost of the hardware (price shown on this page).

    Can I download the data?

    Yes - you can download the data in CSV format for use in other applications (such as Microsoft Excel).

    How does all of this information actually help me?

    It can help in a wide variety of ways. For example, you could:

    • Avoid surprise energy bills by keeping a much closer eye on energy usage than a typical monthly or quarterly electricity bill allows.
    • Find out how much your 'large' power loads such as air conditioning, hot water, and lighting actually cost to operate.
    • Find out how much power you use over-night and when you're away from home. If usage is higher than expected, you can then proceed to track down what might be causing high usage at these times.
    • Find out what times of day you use the most power. After checking your usage tariffs you may find it more economical to shift some loads to other times of the day (if you have a 'time of use' or 'smart' meter).
    • Collate the above information to verify your electricity bills are broadly correct.
    • Find out your typical daytime power usage to correctly size a solar PV or battery back-up power system.

    Can I see individual phase data when using a 3 phase transmitter?

    No - the three phase transmitter shows a cumulative total of the three phases, not three individual readings.

    If you want to see individual phase readings you would need to have one transmitter and clamp for each phase.

    How many extra transmitters can I add to the hub?

    The efergy engage hub can accept data from up to 5 transmitters in total. This means you can add up to 4 additonal transmitters (as it ships with 1 transmitter included). See our energy monitors section for extra clamps and transmitters.

    Can I add multiple electricity tariffs into the software?

    No - the software does not currently accommodate multiple tariffs. But you can download the data as a csv and perform your own detailed cost analysis if/when required.

    What other products are available?

    If you have solar power, please see our efergy engage hub for solar package.

    If your primary intention is to sub-meter electricity usage for the purposes of on-billing we would recommend one our our electrical sub-meters found in the power meters section. You can also find individual appliance monitors in the power meters section.

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