Sunbeam Electric Blanket Controller (BL0400)

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Replacement Controller For Selected Sunbeam Electric Blankets

This Sunbeam electric blanket controller is a suitable replacement for any existing unit with the model number BL0400 or BL0600 printed on the back.

It has the following key features:

  • Direct replacement for BL0400 control,
  • A suitable substitute for BL0600 control,
  • 6 heat settings,
  • Illuminated digital control,
  • 9 heat level safety protection,
  • A countdown timer that turns the blanket off after 1 or 9 hours.

How can I check if my controller is faulty?

Most Sunbeam electric blankets come with two controllers (one for each side of the bed). If you have one controller that is not working, but your other controller works in place of it, you know for sure that it's just the controller that is faulty, and you can therefore replace it with this item.

If, on the other hand, switching controllers does not solve your issue, the fault is likely to be within the blanket itself. If so, we recommend buying a new electric blanket from here.

Which Sunbeam electric blankets is the controller compatible with?

It's compatible with any Sunbeam electric blanket where the model number BL0400 is printed on the back of the controller. See the image gallery for an example. It also suits older blankets with the controller type BL0600.

How do I operate the controller?

Move the slide switch on the rear of the controller to the on position. The blue standby mode light will indicate that the blanket is connected to power but not heating.

Pressing the timer button 🕒 will cycle through the 1-hour timer, 9-hour timer, and standby mode. If the timer setting is changed, the timer will restart.

Select your desired temperature using the thermometer button. Settings 1-4 can be used for all-night heating, whereas settings 5 and 6 are for fast preheating.

What other options are available?

See our full range of electric blankets and heated throws.

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