Philips LED Outdoor Solar Sensor Wall Light


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Solar Powered Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light

This solar LED wall light from Philips adds illumination anywhere the sun shines in the day and light is needed at night. You can install it yourself as there is no wiring involved during installation. It's great for building exterior lighting, perimeter walls, fences, and front and backyards. It switches on automatically after dark, or only when motion is detected. Features include:

  • Easily operates all night in motion sensor mode. The LED light has up to 6 hours of continuous runtime after a sunny day.
  • The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor detects movement up to 4 metres away and turns on automatically at sunset. The motion sensor can also be disabled.
  • Pleasant warm white (2700K) colour temperature.
  • Matching lights available: Solar Wall LightSolar Bollard Path Light.

Philips Sensor Wall Light Mounted

Philips Solar LED Sensor Light - mounts neatly to the wall.

A Better Solar Outdoor LED Wall Light with PIR Sensor

There are plenty of cheaply made solar garden lights on the market. Here are a few reasons the Philips Solar Sensor Wall Light is different:

  • Powder-coated aluminium body - many others are all plastic.
  • Integrated light and solar panel in one unit - no separate PV panel to mount.
  • Inbuilt infrared sensor detects motion providing light only when needed & preserving battery life.
  • Light where you need it, whether at your front door, carport, shed or garage.
  • Strikes a good balance of solar panel size, battery capacity, and LED brightness, giving several hours of light even after overcast days.
  • Inviting warm white light & solid 2 year warranty. 

Philips Solar LED Wall Light

Philips Solar LED Bollard Light - ideal path and garden lighting.

Flexible Solar Outdoor Sensor Light

The Philips Motion Sensor Solar Wall Light has a wide range of potential applications when mounted to walls, fences or posts:

  • Frontyard, backyard, veranda & balconies.
  • Solar lighting along paths or driveways.
  • Landscaping, patio, or solar garden lights.
  • Outdoor entrance, carport or garage lighting.
  • Lighting for strata outdoor common areas (apartment buildings or unit complexes).

Philips LED Solar Sensor Wall Light Infographic

Philips Solar Sensor Light - Stays on for three minutes after last motion is detected.

It's worth noting that we wouldn't recommend this solar light in all situations. For example, if you have a critical lighting need for all-night safety or security, this solar wall light probably won't cut it. For these applications, we'd recommend you also check our range of mains powered motion sensor lights. See also our tips for preserving battery life in the FAQ section below. 

Specifications - Philips LED Outdoor Solar Wall Sensor Light

Light Output 100 lumens
Power Consumption 1 Watt (equivalent to an 11W traditional light bulb)
Lamp Lifetime 15,000 hour rating
Colour Temperature Warm White 2700K
Light Control Infrared motion sensor (PIR) and day-night-sensor
Integrated on/off switch
Lighting Modes Automatic on at night (can override with on/off switch).
Automatic on when the sensor detects movement (can override with sensor disable switch).
Sensor Coverage 120° detection angle. Senses movement up to 4 meters away. Light stays on for 3 minutes after last detected motion.
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion.
3.7V DC
Light Duration 6 hours maximum. 2-4 hours runtime on cloudy days.
Protection IP44
Dimensions 13.6cm high x 16.1cm wide x 16.1cm deep
Weight 0.60 kg
Material Aluminium housing, silicon solar cell, polycarbonate diffuser.
Installation Self Installation. Screw or bolt to wall. No electrician required.
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Philips myGarden Wall Light Dusk Antracite With Sensor; 915004347701; 8718291489436; 17808/93/16.
Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the solar wall light installed?

The light comes with a mounting bracket to screw into the wall. Choose your own screws (not supplied) to suit your mounting surface (timber, masonry, etc). Once the mounting bracket is secured, simply slide the light in from the top until it clips into place. The product comes with printed instructions.

Philips Solar Wall Light Installation

Does the solar light need to be installed in full sunlight?

For best performance, we recommend installing the solar wall light where it will capture at least an hour or two of direct sunlight each day.

Is the motion sensor necessary?

The integrated motion sensor is optional and can be switched off. If you prefer your outdoor areas to stay dark unless there's motion, having the motion sensor is a great feature. Alternatively, if you'd rather the light just switch on at dusk and stay on while the battery lasts, see the Philips Solar Wall Light (which has no motion sensor).

How can I preserve the solar wall light's battery life?

Left to operate as usual the solar light will come on at sundown and run for a few hours. If the light is easily accessible, you can also use the manual on/off switch to activate it (or turn it off). Doing this can preserve the battery life and/or extend the hours of operation into the night when needed. The battery will still charge per usual even if the light is in the 'off' position.

Can I replace the internal battery?

Yes - the solar wall light has a user-accessible battery tray at the back. The battery itself is a single cell standard format 18650 size protected lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is hardwired to a short lead and connector but is not a proprietary design. We'll stock this in the future if available and required by our customers. Note: this should not be required for a few years.

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