Power Tracker 3 Phase Meters (100 - 300 Amps)

Power Tracker

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The Power Tracker SG3030 is a three phase energy meter available in three size options (100, 200 or 300 amps per phase). This device needs to be installed by an electrician at the main switchboard or distribution board.

  • Monitor large three phase equipment such as air conditioning, large motors and pumps.
  • Monitor entire business premises or sub-tenancies within an existing property or building.

This item must be used in conjunction with the Power Tracker Smart Energy Gateway.

Power Tracker - How it works

The Power Tracker system has three main components as pictured below:

  1. Sensors - smart devices such as this 3 Phase Meter which measure power consumption. These devices send their data back to the Energy Gateway using the Zigbee wireless protocol.
  2. Gateway - receives consumption data wirelessly from the smart devices and sends this to the server (either via wifi network, 3G modem, or directly plugged into the back of your Internet router).
  3. Web Portal - where you log-in to view and export the data. 

Power Tracker How it Works

How to Monitor Over 300 Amps Per Phase

If your property is very large, you may need a higher capacity than 300 amps per phase. If this is the case, you can do the following:

  • Order the 100A meter on this page, and then buy your own third party CT's in the required sized (e.g. 1000A CT).
  • You can then set up the CT Ratio in the gateway. The Power Tracker 100A clamp will monitor the secondary side of the larger CT, and you enter in the step down in current.
  • For example, if the SG3030-100A was monitoring a 4000A/5A third party CT, you would program the system with a CT ratio of 800. 

    View Your Energy Usage Online - Software Included in Price

    The image below shows an example from the Power Tracker online portal. This is where you can view and export your energy consumption data. Access to the portal is included in the cost of the unit – there are no additional software fees.

    Once logged in, you can click any of the squares to view historical data. Additional information such as cost predictions and local weather is also shown.

    Specifications - Power Tracker 3 Phase Meters SG3030

    Installation Type Needs to be hard wired at the board by an electrician (three phase, 4 wire)
    Power Consumption Approx 1 Watt
    Rated Voltage 72-520V AC
    Rated Current
    100A, 200A or 300A per phase
    1% (for all measurements)
    Dimensions 173mm x 95mm x 40mm
    CT Clamp sizes:
     - 100A = 15.7mm internal diameter
     - 200A = 24mm internal diameter
     - 300A = 35mm internal diameter
    Product Identifiers PowerTracker SG3030
    Further Documentation Data Sheet & Installation Details (PDF)

    Frequently Asked Questions

      How many devices can be connected to a gateway?

      The Power Tracker Smart Energy Gateway will accept data from up to 30 devices (smart clamps3 phase metersappliance sensors, etc)

      What is the wireless range of this device?

      The wireless range of this device is up to 20 metres. This does not mean that the gateway needs to be within 20 metres, but it does mean that at least one other device needs to be within 20 metres, and so on (so the data can be relayed back to the gateway).

      What cable sizes can the CT's be used with?

      The following table shows what size Power Tracker 3 Phase Meter CT Sensor (right column) is needed for different supply cable sizes (left and middle columns).

      Cable XLPE Size Cable Diameter CT Size Required
      4 8 100amp 15.7mm 
      6 9 100amp 15.7mm 
      10 10 100amp 15.7mm 
      16 11 100amp 15.7mm
      25 12 100amp 15.7mm
      35 13 100amp 15.7mm 
      50 15 100amp 15.7mm
      70 16 200amp 24mm 
      95 18 200amp 24mm 
      120 20 200amp 24mm 
      150 22 200amp 24mm 
      185 24 300amp 35mm 
      240 27 300amp 35mm 
      300 30 300amp 35mm 
      400 33 300amp 35mm 
      500 36 1000amp 51mm
      630 40 1000amp 51mm 
      800 47 1000amp 51mm
      1000 51 1000amp 51mm

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