Philips SceneSwitch Step Dim LED Bulb B22 8W


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One Bayonet Light Bulb - 3 Settings

The Philips SceneSwitch LED Bulb B22 8W allows you to easily adjust the light levels in any room.

  • Suits any existing B22 (Bayonet Cap) light bulb socket.
  • Dims from bright warm white to dim candle light.
  • Use your existing light switch to change settings - just flick the switch once, twice, or three times.
  • Memory feature retains the last setting.

 Philips SceneSwitch Step Dim Example Room

Control light levels with the flick of your existing light switch.

See also: E27 Step Dim, E14 Step Dim, GU10 Step Dim.

Save Energy & Improve Ambiance

The Philips SceneSwitch Step Dim LED B22 lamp has three settings:

  1. 100% brightness @ 2700K - uses 8W of power
  2. 40% brightness @ 2500K - uses 5W of power
  3. 10% brightness @ 2200K - uses 2W of power

So not only can you change the mood in the room, you'll also save energy by doing so! 

No Dimmer Required - Use Existing Light Switch

The SceneSwitch range allows you to dim the lights, even where no dimmer is installed. And there's no complicated set-up process involved. It's as simple as flicking your existing switch:

  • On = bright light.
  • /Off/On = medium natural light.
  • /Off/On = cozy warm glow.

Philips SceneSwitch StepDim

These lights will even retain their last setting when you next turn on the lights. If you have several lights on one circuit and they become out of sync, just toggle the light switch (on and off again within 1 second), and they will be reset.

Specifications - Philips LED Bulb B22 Dim to Warm

Power Consumption 8W, 5W, & 2W (equivalent to 60W, 25W, & 8W)
Light Output 806, 320, & 80 lumens
Fitting Type Regular Bayonet Cap B22 / BC
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature Warm White to Candle Light (2700K, 2500K, & 2200K)
Beam Angle 200˚
Dimensions 111mm (length) x 61mm (width) 
Weight 75 grams
Installation Self installation (plug and play, no setup required).
Warranty 2 years
Product Identifiers Philips SceneSwitch A60 3S 8-60W B22 2700K StepDim, 929001236669 (Order Code), 8718696675786 (Barcode)
Further Documentation Spec Sheet (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this light bulb with a conventional dimmer?

This SceneSwitch bulb is not suitable for use with dimmers. If used on a dimmer, set the dimmer to 100% brightness, then operate the light switch to change settings.

What other options are available?

The Philips SceneSwitch Step Dim range is also available in:

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