Philips High Bay Mounting Bracket


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This mounting bracket is only suitable for the Philips GreenPerform Gen3 LED High Bay 120W model. It is an optional extra as each high bay already includes a mounting hook as standard.

If you have a different wattage or different generation model you will require a different mounting bracket.

Philips Part Number Product Description Product Detail
911401523431 BY698Z Bracket LED110 GreenPerform Highbay G3 LED110 Mounting Bracket
911401523331 BY698Z Bracket LED160 GreenPerform Highbay G3 LED160 Mounting Bracket - THIS ITEM
911401523531 BY698Z Bracket LED200 GreenPerform Highbay G3 LED200 Mounting Bracket
911401523631 BY698Z Bracket LED300 GreenPerform Highbay G3 LED300 Mounting Bracket

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