Philips Master LED AR111 20W Dimmable


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Bright AR111 LED at Record Low Price

This AR111 LED can replace any halogen or LED spotlight with a standard G53 base. AR111 (G53) light bulbs have two connectors which are 5.3cm apart at the base (as pictured). They're often found in shops, hotels, galleries, showrooms, and homes.

  • Replace halogen lights up to 100W in power.
  • Works with existing transformers - no electrician required.
  • Neutral White (4000K) colour temperature.
  • Long 25,000 hour lifetime and 3 year warranty.
  • Suits both dimmable and non-dimmable light fittings.

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Equivalent Brightness to 100W Halogen AR111

AR111 lamps are often found in ceiling fixtures or track lights, as pictured below. You'll cut power usage by up to 80% when you replace them with these LED globes. 

Old halogen lights also generate a significant amount of heat. This 'waste heat' causes air conditioners to work harder to cool down a room. Therefore, with the 20W Philips Master LED AR111 you'll save energy on lighting and air conditioning.

The Philips AR111 LED also reduces maintenance costs. Halogen AR111 (G53) bulbs routinely only last about 4,000 hours. The Philips LED bulb lasts about six times longer. This means six times fewer bulb replacements and less frequent purchases of replacement bulbs.

AR111 integrated ceiling and track lighting fixtures

Upgrade halogen AR111 globes commonly found in recessed fixtures or track lighting.

High-quality optics for superior lighting

The Philips Master AR111 uses an 'anti-glare optic bridge' on the front face of the bulb. This device directs light through a precise metallic reflector inside the bulb. The result is excellent light characteristics and high energy savings.

Philips AR111 indirect reflector design

Philips Master AR111 unique optic bridge and reflector design.

Specifications - Philips Master AR111 LED Bulb

Fitting Type AR111 / QR111 with G53 base
Power 20W (equivalent to 100W halogen)
Voltage 12V AC (runs on existing halogen transformer or LED transformer)
Lifetime 25,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4000K (Neutral White)
Light Output 1,400 lumens
Beam Angle 24°
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions 111 mm x 62 mm (diameter x height)
Weight 160 grams
Installation Self Installation / Retrofit
Warranty 3 years
Product Identifiers Manufacturers Description: Philips MAS LEDspotLV D 20-100W 830 / 840 AR111 24D / 40D; Order Codes: 929001170908, 929001171208, 929001171008, 929001171308; Barcodes: 8718696517376, 8718696515280, 8718696517390, 8718696515303.
Further Documentation Datasheets (PDF): 4000K 24°

Philips Master AR111 20W LED dimmable dimensions

Philips Master LED AR111 20W Dimmable Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this AR111 LED globe work with existing transformers and/or dimmers?

Yes. At 20W power draw per bulb, although much less than a halogen, it is very unlikely you will encounter any issues. Just swap the globe - the same as you would with a halogen bulb.

If you are installing new light fittings, or upgrading parts for another reason, we recommend:

Will this AR111 LED lamp fit into existing fixtures?

Yes - this is Philips' very latest model. It incorporates a new 'perfect fit' design to ensure maximum compatibility with existing fittings. Previous versions of this product were not ideal owing to the shape on the back of the bulb. As you can see below, this has now been fixed.

Philips AR111 LED Old and New

Don't get caught out with the old model (pictured on left). Buy the latest 'perfect fit' version from us (on right).

Do you have any other colour temperature options?

Yes - see our other AR111 LED lamp for more colour temperature choices.

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