Philips Essential SmartBright LED Downlight 10W Dimmable


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A Complete Recessed LED Downlight Fitting for 90mm Cut-out

The Philips Essential SmartBright integrated downlight is a complete LED fitting. Unlike old halogen downlights which were full of gaps and had a separate transformer, this LED downlight is fully integrated. The LED light source, light fitting, and LED transformer are all combined into one sealed unit. Once installed, it is essentially maintenance free as there are no bulbs to replace.

  • Wide beam angle (110˚) and higher brightness than MR16 LED bulbs.
  • Suits existing or new 90mm to 95mm ceiling cut-outs.
  • Low profile and frosted / flush finish.
  • Comes pre-wired with power cable and 2-pin plug for quick and easy installation.
  • Works with existing dimmers and new LED dimmers.
  • Complete LED light fitting for the price of a bare MR16 LED downlight
  • Available in 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (neutral / cool white).

Choose from Warm White (3000K) or Neutral / Cool White (4000K)

IC-F Rated Fitting - can be covered by insulation

The IC-F certification means this LED light fitting can be 'abutted and covered' with building insulation, provided the insulation can be continuously exposed to 90˚C. Even so, to preserve LED lifetime we recommend you do not cover the light fitting, just insulate right up to it.

Specifications - Philips LED Downlight (90mm Cutout)

Power Consumption 10W (brighter than old 50W halogens)
Voltage 220-240 V
Lifetime 25,000 hours
Colour Temperature 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (neutral / cool white)
Beam Angle 110˚
Light Output 800 lumens
Dimmable Yes (up to 8 fittings per dimmer)
IP Rating IP20
Dimensions 115mm (width) x 33mm (depth) - suitable for 90-95mm cutout
Housing Colour White powder coated
Weight 300 grams
Installation Comes pre-wired with flex and 2-pin power plug
Product Identifiers

Philips Essential SmartBright LED Integrated Recessed Downlight 10W (Product Name);10W, 800lm, 3000K or 4000K, Trailing/ leading edge dimmable, cut-out: 90mm (Manufacturer Specification); DN028B LED8/WW PSR-E I D90 CAU, DN028B LED8/NW PSR-E I D90 CAU (manufacturer description); ESB2LED8WWD, ESB2LED8NWD (commercial code); 911401816897, 911401816997 (barcodes)

Further Documentation Spec sheet

90mm LED integrated downlight light dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What other options are available?

If you don't wish to go for a full fitting upgrade (ie. this product) you might like to consider the MR16 LED 5.5W or MR16 LED 7W retro-fit globes (only suitable for existing MR16 downlight fittings).

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