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Super Bright Screw LED Bulbs

These high brightness Philips E27 LED bulbs are an effective & efficient high output replacement globe with a regular Edison Screw ('E27' or 'ES') base.

They are suitable for very bright applications such:

  • Replacement globes for higher wattage E27 metal halide or mercury vapour lamps.
  • Studio soft box lighting diffusers / photography 'continuous lighting'.
  • Large rooms or high ceilings with Edison screw light fittings.

Step 1: Choose a wattage

The following is a guide to equivalent brightness (Philips E27 LED Bulb compared to a old-style incandescent):

  • 16W = 120W
  • 19W = 160W
  • 23W = 200W

This Philips Screw Cap LED Bulb is non-dimmable. Need something smaller? See our regular E27 LED bulbs.

Step 2: Check size

These bulbs fit standard Edison Screw E27 bases, but are larger than 'standard' household globes. Check your fitting or enclosure first to ensure the globe will fit:

  • 16W = A75 size (75mm diameter, 128mm height)
  • 19W = A95 size (95mm diameter, 187mm height)
  • 23W = A110 size (110mm diameter, 204mm height)

Say goodbye to old 'energy saver' light globes

Energy saver or 'CFL' (compact fluorescent) light globes were the first wave of energy efficient lighting. Unfortunately, they have many problems and limitations.

Contrast this with the new Philips E27 LED light bulbs:

Comparison table

OLD Large Format CFL 'Energy Savers'

Large CFL Bulb

NEW Philips High Brightness LED Bulbs

Large Philips LED Bulb

Time to full brightness Up to 1 minute Instant on
Actual energy saving 75% or less energy saving Over 88% energy saving
Lighting colour Varies Daylight (6500K)
Size Can be very cumbersome and unsightly Conform to standard globe sizes (see dimensions)
Toxic material Contains Mercury No toxic material

Philips High Brightness E27 LED Bulb Benefits

In summary, switching to a Philips Edison Screw High Brightness LED Bulbs has the following benefits:

  • Maximum light output as soon as you flip the switch.
  • Well over 80% energy saving compared to incandescent.
  • The beam of light is free of infra-red (no heat is radiated), and ultra-violet (fabric and items under this light won't fade).
  • Philips ES LED bulbs are manufactured without any hazardous materials, making them a safe and sustainable choice.
  • Designed to fit and work with existing E27 sockets
  • Lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They'll last for about 10 years when used about 3 hours per day, every day.
  • Unlike other low-quality products that are flooding the market, you can trust the Philips quality.

Specifications - Philips MegaBright E27 LED Bulbs

Power Consumption

16W, 19W & 23W (equivalent to 120W, 160W & 200W)

Light Output 1800, 2200, and 3000 lumens
Fitting Type Edison Screw E27
A75, A95, A110
Voltage 220-240 VAC
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature Cool Daylight (6500K)
Colour rendering index (CRI) 80
Dimmable No
Dimensions 16W = A75 size (75mm diameter, 128mm height)
19W = A95 size (95mm diameter, 187mm height)
23W = A110 size (110mm diameter, 204mm height)
16W = 136 grams
19W = 187 grams
23W = 212 grams
Installation Self-installation
Product Identifiers
929001270749, 929001270849,929001270949 (part numbers); LEDBulb 16-120W E27 6500K 230V A75 AU, LEDBulb 19-160W E27 6500K 230V A95 AU, LEDBulb 23-200W E27 6500K 230V A110 AU (item descriptions); 8718696668535, 8718696668559, 8718696668573 (barcodes). Previously known as 'MegaBright'.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit in my existing fitting?

Please review the dimensions before purchasing. These are larger and much brighter than 'regular' LED bulbs.

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