Philips Essential LED Ceiling Oyster Light Fitting


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An Integrated LED Oyster Light from Philips

Unlike old fashioned oyster lights, the Philips Essential LED Oyster light is fully integrated. The light source and light fitting are combined into one unit. Once installed, it is maintenance free as there are no tubes or bulbs to replace.

This Philips LED Oyster surface mount light fitting has the following benefits:

  • Replace old incandescent, halogen or circular T5 fluorescent tube oyster light fittings.
  • Up to 75% energy savings.
  • Instant on to full brightness.
  • Slim line design for a clean, unobtrusive installation.

This Philips LED Oyster Ceiling light delivers longer life than conventional light sources with up to 15,000 hours of hassle free light delivered instantly in a soft uniform manner via durable, yellowing & chip resistant acrylic diffusers. The range offers a choice of two popular sizes and warm white or cool white colour temperatures.

LED Oyster Light Back of Fitting   See Inside Philips LED Oyster

Back of the LED oyster light fitting (left), and underneath the cover (right)

Specifications - Philips LED Oyster Light

Power Consumption 17W or 20W
Colour Temperature Warm White (2700K) or Cool White (6500K)
Fitting Type White, surface mounted ceiling light fitting
Voltage 220-240 V
Lifetime 15,000 hours
Light Output 1,100 lumens (17W), 1,400 lumens (20W)
Dimmable No
Dimensions - 17W = 350mm (diameter) x 68mm (depth)
- 20W = 380mm (diameter) x 68mm (depth)
Installation Installation by an electrician
Product Identifiers Current Philips 12NC's: 915004489001, 915004489101, 915004488101, 915004488201; Previous Philips 12NC: 915004346601, 915004346701, 915004346801, 915004346901; Current Item Codes: 31815, 31816; Previous Item Codes: 30805, 30806; Order Codes: 31815 OY65K17W, 31815 OY27K17W, 31816 OY65K20W, 31816 OY27K20W
Further Documentation

Philips LED Oyster Light Packaging   Philips LED Oyster Light Packaging

Philips LED Oyster Light Packaging

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