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The Philips CorePro PLC LED light bulb is a direct drop-in replacement for all 2-pin and 4-pin 'PL' or 'PL-C' style fluorescent lights.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient - typically over 50% energy savings.
  • Easy installation - fits in vast majority of magnetic and electronic ballast '2-pin' and '4-pin' fittings.
  • Adjustable - the light can be rotated up to 90˚ so you can direct the light output in the right direction, no matter what fitting is being used.
  • Longer lifetimeno mercury.

The Philips LED PLC is a downlight lamp replacement that delivers incredible energy savings. It's a direct retrofit lamp that’s simple to install.  

Specifications - Philips PLC LED

Fitting Type G24D-2, G24d-3 (fits in both 2-pin and 4-pin "PL" or "PL-C" light fittings)
Power Consumption 6.5 & 8.5 Watts
Equivalent Wattage Approx 13W (6.5W) and 18W (8.5W)
Voltage 240V AC
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (cool white)
Beam Angle 120°
Light Output 600 lumens (6.5W, 3000K)
650 lumens (6.5W, 4000K)
900 lumens (8.5W, 3000K)
950 lumens (8.5W, 4000K)
Dimmable No
Dimensions 6.5W - 28.4mm (width) x 147.1mm (length)
8.5W - 28.4mm (width) x 170.1mm (length)
Weight 77 grams (6.5W), 90 grams (8.5W)
Installation Retrofit, self install.
Product Identifiers Philips CorePro LED PLC 6.5W / 8.5W, 830 / 840 2P G24d-2, G24d-3; 929001201402 / 929001201408, 929001201502 / 929001201508, 929001201202 / 929001201208, 929001201302 / 929001201308 (Order codes); 8718696541272, 8718696541296, 8718696541234, 8718696541258 (Barcodes)
Further Documentation LED PLC 6.5W 830 2P G24d-2
LED PLC 6.5W 840 2P G24d-2
LED PLC 8.5W 830 2P G24d-3
LED PLC 8.5W 840 2P G24d-3

Frequently Asked Questions - PL LED

What globes can be replaced with these PL LEDs?

Pretty much any 2-pin or 4-pin globes. Just check the dimensions and approximate equivalent wattages above before purchasing. You can replace any conventional fluorescent PL lamps, such as the following examples from the Philips range.

You can now replace all these lights (or similar items from other brands) with this Philips PLC LED Bulb:

927901108265 PL-S 7W/827/2P 1CT/25
927901108465 PL-S 7W/840/2P 1CT/25
927901708265 PL-S 9W/827/2P 1CT/25
927901708465 PL-S 9W/840/2P 1CT/25
927902308465 PL-S 11W/840/2P 1CT/25
927867884065 PL-S 11W/840/4P 1CT/25

927903884002 MASTER PL-C 10W/840/2P 1CT/5X1
927904882701 MASTER PL-C 13W/827/2P 1CT/5X1
927904883001 MASTER PL-C 13W/830/2P 1CT/5X1
927907183001 MASTER PL-C 13W/830/4P 1CT/5X1
927904884002 MASTER PL-C 13W/840/2P 1CT/5X1
927907184002 MASTER PL-C 13W/840/4P 1CT/5X1
927905783001 MASTER PL-C 18W/830/2P 1CT/5X1
927907283001 MASTER PL-C 18W/830/4P 1CT/5X1
927905784001 MASTER PL-C 18W/840/2P 1CT/5X1
927907284001 MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT/5X1
927907382701 MASTER PL-C 26W/827/4P 1CT/5X1
927906183001 MASTER PL-C 26W/830/2P 1CT/5X1
927907383001 MASTER PL-C 26W/830/4P 1CT/5X1
927906184001 MASTER PL-C 26W/840/2P 1CT/5X1
927907384002 MASTER PL-C 26W/840/4P 1CT/5X1

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