Verbatim T8 LED Tube 18W with Motion Sensor - 4 Foot (1200mm)

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SPECIAL PRICE! Need an LED tube without a motion sensor? See all LED Tubes.

An LED Tube That Dims Down When No Motion Detected

The Verbatim LED Motion Sensor Tube is a new energy-saving replacement for 4 Foot 'T8' fluorescent tubes. It's an ideal lighting solution for areas such as underground car parks, back-office areas, corridors and storage rooms.

  • Maintains full brightness whenever motion is detected.
  • Drops to 20% brightness when no movement has been detected for 60 seconds.
  • In-built microwave sensor - more effective than PIR sensors.
  • Includes replacement LED starter - so you can install yourself.
  • Works in all fitting types, including those with a diffuser!

Microwave LED Tube Running Cost

Save up to $88 per year per fluorescent tube replaced.

An Ideal Solution For Lights Left On 24/7

In the past, motion sensor lighting systems were expensive and complex to install. For example, how do you place sensors that cover all areas of a car park, so people don't accidentally get left in the dark? With convention motion sensor systems, it's very tricky.

This LED sensor tube addresses this issue by including a movement detector in every LED tube. This way, lights are only on at full brightness in occupied areas. Also, they are not vulnerable to a single point of failure and are super easy to install.

Furthermore, when no motion is detected, they do not turn off completely. These LED tubes remain in standby (sensing) mode and still emit 20% of their total light output.

Installation guide - 4 Foot (1200mm) LED Fluro Tube with Sensor

The Verbatim LED Motion Sensor Tube is easy to install in your existing T8 light fixtures. There are two main types of fluorescent light fittings:

1) Magnetic ballast fittings - with starters. These are the most common fitting type. Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied) and you're done! Magnetic ballast fittings are identifiable by the fact they have starters present.

Easy installation for any fitting with a starter.

2) Electronic ballast fittings - no starters. Unlike the example shown above, these fittings do not have a starter. These units will require an electrician to 'wire out' the existing ballast. Fittings without starters that switch on instantly (no flicker) are generally electronic ballast.

Specifications - LED Tube With Microwave Motion Sensor

Fitting Type T8 tube / G13 connector
Power Consumption 18 Watts (when on at full brightness) and 4.5 Watts (standby mode at 20% brightness)
Operating Description Stays on as long as motion is detected. Goes into standby mode (reduced brightness) after 60 seconds of no movement. Sensor range is up to approx 12m
Voltage 100-240 V AC 50-60Hz
Lifetime 30,000 hours
Colour Temperature 5000K (Cool Daylight)
Colour Code 850
Beam Angle 140°
Light Output 2,000 lumen
Dimmable No
Dimensions 1198mm (length, excluding pins) x 29mm (wide)
Weight 310 grams
Product Identifiers 65493 (Item Code)
Further Details Spec sheet (PDF) Install Guide (PDF)

Do you sell a shorter length tube with a sensor?

Yes - see also our 600mm LED tube with motion sensor.

Does this LED tube switch off completely when no motion is detected?

No - this LED tube is designed to provide a constant low level of illumination even when no motion is detected. This ensures safe operation in areas like garages, car parks, stairwells, and storage rooms. If you want your lights to turn off completely, please see our stand-alone motion sensors, which act as on/off switches for the light fittings they are wired to.

How do you calculate the quoted energy savings?

Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the Verbatim T8 LED Sensor Tube with motion sensor will save nearly 90% of operational energy usage.

Here is a worked example:

  • An old T8 fluorescent tube uses 36W plus 9W in the ballast (45W).
    • 45W x 24h = 1080 Wh/day (1.08kWh/day).
  • A new sensor LED tube uses 18W when on (eg. 1 hour per day) and 4.5W in standby (23 hours per day).
    • 18W x 1h + 4.5W x 23h = 121.5 Wh/day (0.12 kWh/day).
  • That's an 89% reduction in energy usage and running costs.

What other motion sensor products do you sell?

See our complete range of motion sensor led lights for more energy-saving possibilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jose Lino

Verbatim T8 LED Tube 18W with Motion Sensor - 4 Foot (1200mm)

David Slater

Verbatim T8 LED Tube 18W with Motion Sensor - 4 Foot (1200mm)

David Moore
Sensor fluro’s in BC carpark

BC went ahead and replaced the standard fluro tubes with sensor tubes in the underground carpark- easy to install and working as advertised. Pleasantly surprised that the new fluro with 20% on idle is still good. Be interesting how much we will save on our first bill. 😊

Roger Riley
T8 LED Tubes

Quite bright but the intensity varies - not flickering just goes bright then switches to a lower intensity then back to bright.
Just read other reviews and apparantly this is the way they operate -- apparantly with inbuilt motion sensor. I'll do a few more tests and see if they remain bright if I keep moving around. Have adjusted rating from 3* to 4*.

Robert Talbot

Very happy with led tube, excellent and I like the dimmer function. Highly recommend.


they are good & we will get some more soon … waiting for Body Corporate ok.
Can the “timing’ between bright & dim be changed & what is it meant to be ?

The light should stay on 'full brightness' for 60 seconds after movement has ceased. It will stay on as long as movement continues, not dimming down. This cannot be altered but works quite well in most situations.

T K.
Excellent product. All tubes in the order work perfectly

Works exactly the product claimed.

David C.

I manage a ski lodge where lights are often left on through the season and we've recently replaced all the basement lighting with these units. Super easy to install, brighter and better light and the step down to low light works seemlessly.

Geoffrey Dean
Bought these to go in

Bought these to go in ceiling twin tube fittings with a diffuser.
They work fine with the diffuser in place.

the low level light is more than enough to see fine.
The sensor turns up the the light level well before you get near them.
At full retail price I would have never considered them, though at the discount price I would recommend them.
Just have to wait and see how much difference there is in the power bill.

Dinming L.
Excellent service.

Excellent service.

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