Osram Lightify Smart LED Bulb B22 10W - RGB & Tunable White


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The Lightify Bayonet B22 globe is a light bulb that you can control from any smart device (phone or tablet).

  • You can control brightness, full colour ('RGB'), colour temperature ('Tunable White'), and much more.
  • All you need is one Lightify Gateway attached to your Wifi network, then you can add up to 50 light bulbs to the system.
  • Saves over 80% compared to ordinary light bulbs and contains no mercury. 

How do Lightify Wifi bayonet light bulbs work?

The Lightify system uses your Wifi network to connect to the internet via the Lightify Gateway. The Gateway, in turn, communicates with up to 50 light bulbs using the Zigbee LightLink standard.

The ZigBee wireless signal is amplified and extended with every Lightify product that you add. The light bulbs form a 'mesh network' with each other to ensure all are connected back to the Gateway.

The Lightify range can be combined with other Zigbee LightLink components. However, compatibility is not guaranteed with other brands. For example, it is our understanding that Osram Lightify is not presently cross-compatible with Philips Hue at this stage. On the other hand, Lightify is compatible with Nest.

Preview of the Lightify App

The Lightify app allows you to control the brightness, colour, and colour temperature of this Bayonet B22 LED light bulb. It also allows you to set lighting timers, alarms, and choose from other presets.

Osram Lightify Wifi Lighting App

Preview of some of the screens you will see in the Osram Lightify app

Endless Possibilities with Smart Connected B22 Light Bulbs

The following basic features can be applied to an individual light bulb or to groups of lights (in certain areas or rooms):

  • Brightness - set brightness levels with wiping movements on the display.
  • Light colour - set any colour from the complete RGB spectrum.
  • Colour temperature - choose anything from bright daylight to cozy, warm white.

Here is a selection of some of the more advanced features:

  • Preset dynamic scenes - A variety of preset "scenes" are available, such as Fireplace, Ocean, Evening, Candy, White & White, Good Night Light and many more.
  • Loop - Loops through all colours in a certain time frame, which can be set.
  • Wake-up light - Creates a smooth dimming of light up to bright daylight. If needed, it can be combined with a wake-up sound.
  • Grouping - Single light bulbs, even if in different rooms, can be linked to form groups in just a few steps.
  • Colour picker - Photograph objects with your smart phone and let the Lightify B22 light bulb illuminate in that colour.
  • Define lighting scenes - Define individual lighting scenes for single lamps or groups and activate these when needed. For example, for an evening in front of the television or a relaxed dinner.
  • Vacation mode - You set up complete day sequences in advance without needing to be at home.
  • Control on the go - Connect to the Internet at any time and from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or tablet PC to control your home Lightify system.

    Specifications - Osram Lightify Bayonet B22 LED Bulb

    Cap Base B22 / BC
    Power Consumption 10W (equivalent to 60W).
    Power usage drops to 1.9W when dimmed or 0.5W when in standby (off but still on at the light switch).
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Lifetime 20,000 hours
    Colour Temperature Adjustable from 2700K (Warm White) to 6500K (Cool White) "Tunable White"
    RGB Colour Control Adjustable with approx. 16 million colour options.
    Light Output 810 lumen
    Dimmable Yes. All LIGHTIFY products are dimmable via the App. Existing light fittings in your home may already have dimming mechanisms installed. LIGHTIFY works with the most common dimming systems. In rare cases some lights might not be compatible with the LIGHTIFY system.
    Dimensions 110mm (depth) x 60mm (width)
    Weight 151 grams
    Technical Requirements
    IOS 7 (or above) / Android (4.1 or above) tablet PC,  smartphone or iPod Touch, internet connection and a Wi-Fi router as well as the LIGHTIFY gateway. Blackberry or Windows smartphones are not supported.
    Product Identifiers Barcode: 4052899325623
    Further Documentation
    Data Sheet (PDF) Please Note: this PDF is for the E27 version but details are effectively the same, apart from the base.
    Complete Lightify FAQ (Link)

    Frequently Asked Questions - Lightify B22 Bulb

    What other light bulbs are available?

    We also sell a Lightify Edison Screw (E27) bulb and Lightify GU10 LED light bulb. Don't forget to add one Lightify Gateway to your order to ensure you can connect with all of your light bulbs.

    Can regular light switches still be used?

    Yes - you can still use your 'normal' light switches with the Osram Lightify system.

    • If lights are switched on and off at the light switch they will come on at 100% brightness in Warm White (2700K).
    • If lamps are switched on and off via the app, the lamps switch on in the previously selected mode.

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