Osram LED Panel Surface Mount Kit (1200 x 300mm)


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Surface Mount LED Panels

The Osram LED Panel Surface Mount Kit allows LED troffer lights to be installed directly against the ceiling in environments where a recessed (t-bar) ceiling is not present.

  • Mount LED panels directly underneath a variety of ceiling types.
  • Suits 1200x300 Osram LED Panel lights.
  • Slim 45mm height.
  • Durable aluminium, powder-coated white.

    Specifications - Osram LED Panel Surface Mount Kit 1200 x 300mm

    Material Aluminium
    Colour White (powdercoated)
    Weight 1155 grams
    Dimensions 1200.5 x 300.5 x 45mm (length x width x height)
    Carton Quantity 3 (this listing is for 1 unit)
    Product Identifiers
    (manufacturer description); 4058075012462 (barcode) 
    Further Documentation Installation Guide (PDF)

    How to Install the 0312 LED Panel Surface Mount Frame

    The installation guide (PDF above) provides a visual representation of the following steps. All required parts (brackets, screws, mounting wires, and plugs) are included in the kit.

    1. Switch off power to the lighting circuit.
    2. Remove screws on the back of the LED panel in the 6 locations as indicated.
    3. Attach the 6 mounting brackets in these locations.
    4. Separately, place the frame on the ceiling in the desired location. Mark the 4 drill holes on the ceiling as indicated.
    5. Drill the 4 mounting holes in ceiling and insert plastic screw plugs.
    6. Mount the frame to ceiling with the 4 long screws.
    7. Now attached the 2 mounting cables between the LED panel and frame. This allows the panel to hang from the frame whilst the wiring is completed.
    8. Unscrew the terminal block cover on the LED driver (which is already pre-wired to the LED panel). This step assumes that you will not use, or at least need to relocate the pre-wired lead and 2-pin plug.
    9. Wire-up active and neutral leads as indicated. If required, this part of the installation must be performed by a licensed electrician.
    10. Close the terminal block cover.
    11. Adjust the location of the mounting cables if required.
    12. With the LED panel in place on top of the mounting frame, insert the 6 blunt ended fixing screws.
    13. Turn power back on to the lighting circuit.
    14. Enjoy your energy saving surface mounted LED panel light!

    LED Panel Surface Mount Frame Installation

    Abbreviated installation graphic.

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