Warmset Foot Mat Heater

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Large Size, Italian Made Heated Foot Mat

This innovative heater provides you with superior warmth while using a minimal amount of electricity. It's ideal for use when sitting or standing at a work desk. It's manufactured in Italy exclusively for Reduction Revolution in Australia & NZ, and it has the following features:

  • Quality Italian fabric for heightened comfort, safety and longevity.
  • Footswitch with LED indicator light for hands-free operation.
  • At 75cm x 50cm, it's about 50% larger in area than our previous model.
  • Includes an insulated backing layer for unparalleled energy efficiency and floor protection.
  • Uses just 100 watts of power.

Large Foot Mat Heater Dimensions

Comfortable, convenient and easy to use. Our foot mat heater will keep you toasty warm while seated or standing at your desk or elsewhere.

A Foot Mat Heater That's Effective & Efficient

The foot warmer will heat you more effectively, using up to 90% less energy than other electric heaters on the market.

The mat heater delivers a pleasant radiant warmth from directly below where you are sitting or standing.

It's super cheap to operate. If used for 4 hours per day, every day during winter, it will cost around $10 per year per heater.

The Problem With Other Electric Heaters

Electric heaters used in most homes and offices in Australia are inefficient energy guzzlers. In fact, heating is one of the key drivers of high electricity bills.

Most electric heaters consume between 1,000 and 2,400 watts and fail to direct heat where it's needed.

Other electric heaters, such as those pictured, are cheap to buy but very expensive to operate. And they're usually not very effective.

Oil column heaters look innocent but consume a large amount of power. Much of the heat produced by oil column heaters is lost above the heater to the ceiling.

Electric fan or convection heaters try to overcome this problem by forcing heat across the room. This creates another problem: air movement promotes cooling, not heating! To counteract this, they consume an enormous amount of power for their size.

Next up are the bar or panel radiator type heaters. In theory, these aren't as bad because they create more effective radiant heat. But, their downsides include:

  • over-spec power consumption,
  • significant fire hazard, and
  • the fact they never seem to last for more than one winter.

The Solution: Direct Heat Where You Need It

The solution to many of the woes described above is simple: deliver radiant and conductive heat where needed. The foot mat heater achieves this by silently heating you and a small area around you.

It's ideal for use as an under-desk heater at work or at home in front of the TV (see also our heated throws). We've sold these heaters to many workplaces, including factories, warehouses, shops, and offices.

Foot Mat Heater FLIR Thermal Image

The Warmset heated carpet, as seen with a FLIR One Pro thermal imaging camera.

Specifications - Warmset Electric Foot Warmer / Foot Mat Heater

Power Usage 100 Watts
Voltage 220-240V AC
Components 2m power cord, in-line on/off footswitch with orange LED indicator light (located 30cm from foot mat), and foot mat
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand 2-pin plug
Colour Black power cord, dark grey foot mat
Dimensions Power cord: 180cm
Foot mat: 75cm x 50cm
Weight 1.1kg
Installation Self-install / portable product
Safety Notes & Features This product is designed for indoor dry-area use. It includes an insulated backing layer and a non-slip PVC base layer. Each heated mat is fitted with a temperature limiter (60°C) to prevent overheating.
Country of Manufacture Italy
Product Identifiers Warmset Foot Mat Heater 100W; RRFM04; 9349970004528
Further Details Instructions (PDF)
Warranty 3 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stand on the heated mat?

Yes. You can stand on it, walk over it, or rest your feet on it - with or without shoes on.

Are other control options available?

The foot mat heater is controlled by an in-line on/off footswitch. There's even an orange indicator light on the footswitch to remind you when it's switched on.

Since the heated mat plugs into a standard power outlet, it can be switched on/off with remote sockets, timers, smart switches, or plug-in thermostats. See our range of power control devices.

Is it available in other colours?

The foot mat heater is currently only available in the grey carpet material as pictured.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Julie Misson
One of my best purchases

My office at home has no heating, but I am happy if my fit my feet are warm. Fits under my desk perfectly. Costs hardly anything to run - I check my energy usage regularly. The grandkids also love to sit on it when they visit. :0). I also use it with a cake rack on top, to proof my sour dough bread. Works like a charm. I realise this is probably not a recommended use. :0)

Wes Randall
Winter comfort while working from home

Love the heated mat. I have it under my desk and it really keeps my normally cold feet toasty warm. Recommended to anyone with cold feet.

Millard Lowe
Foot mat - Very good!

Did the job vey nicely...

Better than expected

When he's working from home, sitting at the computer on a cold winter's day, it keeps his feet "toasty warm". He was dubious before receiving it but loves it now! I would definitely recommend the Foot Mat Heater.

Great heated foot mat

Really warm. Helping with Raynaud’s during the recent cold snap.

Matt Allbeury

Super efficient way to keep warm when working from home :)

Geoff Spearpoint
Heated carpet mat

Absolutely fantastic. i have it on now and my feet are toasty. Well packaged, good size, looks good, and just the right heat. ie, I’m toasty warm in my sox (or bare feet for that matter).

Robert Mutton

Very good product

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