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The Efergy E2 Energy Monitor builds on the features of the Efergy Elite. Here's what what it can do:

  • Suitable for both single and three-phase households - see drop down menu above.
  • Simple and easy to use - shows both "real time" and historical energy usage and cost (over days, weeks, and months).
  • Optional alarm function sounds an alarm (and flashes red) when a pre-set power usage level is exceeded.

Additionally, the E2 has several features above and beyond the Elite:

  • Download energy usage data from the monitor to your PC
  • Stores and allows downloading energy usage even if you have no internet or an unreliable connection.
  • Can program up to 4 electricity tariff rates into the display pr desktop ELink software to track cost against time-of-use.

Efergy E2 Home Energy Monitor - How it Works

The Efergy E2 home energy monitor has the following key components:

  1. Display Screen - Sits inside your home so you can easily keep track of your energy usage (uses 3 x AA batteries).
  2. Waterproof Transmitter - This goes inside your meter box and is also battery powered (3 x AA batteries).
  3. CT Sensor Clamp(s) - These plug into the transmitter and measure the power usage. We'll send you 1 clamp for single phase or 3 clamps for three phase.

Efergy E2 system components

 The Efergy E2 Display Screen (left), Transmitter (middle), and Sensor Clamp (right)

Efergy E2 - Installation Guide

In many cases the sensor clamp(s) can be fitted at the front of your meter board. It's a quick (5 minute) job for an electrician to fit them behind the board if necessary.

The image below shows a "behind the board" single phase installation. In this case the clamp was installed behind the board as there was not enough room available above the main service fuse on the front side.

Single Phase Home Energy Monitor Installation

Circular image on the right shows the sensor clamp placed around the main supply cable behind the board. The presence of a single black "service fuse" indicates a single phase installation.

Specifications - Efergy E2 Home Energy Monitor

Voltage Range 110V - 300V AC
Measurement Range 50mA - 70A (12W to 22.8kW)
Transmitter Range Up to 70m (uses 433.5MHz)
Accuracy Typically within ±10% (see test results- use a 'sub meter' if higher accuracy required for metering purposes.
Tariffs Four
Three Phase Compatible Yes - Select 3 phase option in the drop-down menu
Data Download Yes - 24 months storage. If remote access via internet is required use an efergy engage hub if this is required.
Key Measurements "Energy Now" - shows kW (to 3 decimal places), Cost per hour or day, KgCO2 per or hour or day, time & alarm. "History" - shows average and total daily, weekly, and monthly kWh usage, cost, and KgCO2. Stores 2 year of data.
Power Supply The Screen & Transmitter use 3 x AA batteries each (not included). The screen can also be powered by a 5V DC supply (not included).
Dimensions - Screen: 86 x 86 x 24mm
- Transmitter: 107 x 63 x 31mm (plus 3 short leads for the clamps)
- Clamp: 42 x 27 x 27mm (10mm internal diameter) plus 1m lead
Weight - Screen: 214g (with batteries)
- Transmitter: 140g (with batteries)
- Clamp: 55g
Product Identifiers Efergy E2 Classic (Model), 4897037690276 (Barcode)
Software Efergy Elink v2.3 for PC and Mac available here (external link to manufacturers' website)
Further Documentation Efergy E2 Datasheet (PDF)
Efergy E2 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Efergy Elink Softare Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What items will I receive with my order?

Model Items Included
Single Phase 1 x E2 Display Screen
1 x Waterproof Transmitter
1 x CT Sensor Clamp
1 x USB cable
Three Phase 1 x E2 Display Screen
1 x Waterproof Transmitter
3 x CT Sensor Clamps
1 x USB cable

How much data does it store?

The Efergy E2 stores data for 24 months. Using the history plus backwards and forwards buttons you can scroll through the last 7 days daily history, the last four weeks weekly history, and the last 24 months monthly history.

Can I place the sensor clamp around the white lead to a plug-in appliance?

No - Wireless energy monitors do not work on regular power leads like an extension cord. This is because they need to clamp around the active cable only at your meter board. You might like to check out our range of 'plug-in power meters' to measure individual appliances such as portable air conditioners.

Can I see the usage from each individual phase (3 phase version)?

No - The transmitter sums up its total usage and reports this as one channel of data. So whether you buy the single phase (1 clamp) or 3 phase (3 clamps) version, you will still get one (total) reading from the transmitter.

Can extra transmitters be linked to the Efergy E2 display screen?

No - The display screen only shows one channel (ie. one transmitter) of data. If you want to track multiple channels (transmitters) of data use the Efergy Engage Hub.

Can I use this monitor in conjunction with the Efergy Engage Hub? Can I use this monitor if I have solar power?

Yes - The transmitters and other components in the Efergy range are all cross compatible with each other. A popular set-up uses:

  • 1 x Efergy E2 (this product) - to track and display household usage on the display screen.
  • 1 x Efergy Engage Hub - to track both household usage and solar power production on the online login.

    Please Note: if you have solar power please review the installation guidance on the solar energy monitor page before ordering the above two items.

    Is the E2 more suitable than the Elite or Engage for me?

    Compared to the Elite the E2 offers:

    • Twice the data storage for energy usage (24 months total),
    • Ability to export data to your computer to view in Elink software or put into your own spreadsheet.
    • 4 programmable electricty tarrifs 

    Compared to the Engage the E2 offers:

    • A bench-top monitor with easy to read screen (no need to open your computer or tablet).
    • 24 months data storage. Engage will store approximately 1 week of data in offline mode.
    • No internet connection required. Allows datalogging of energy usage without needing a stable (or any) internet connection.
    • 4 programmable electricity tariffs. Engage has a single programmable tariff rate.  

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