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Our sustainability workshops include:

  • Training of your community or business group of up to 30 participants.
  • Online webinar or in-person delivery at your venue Australia wide (some locations may attract a travel surcharge).
  • Practical focus with plenty of tangible examples, ideas and actions.
  • Choose from two hour, half day, or full day delivery.
  • Gain access our team of knowledgeable and passionate educators.

We can deliver our pre-developed workshop topics (outlined below) or tailor a workshop to suit your needs (additional fees may apply).

Pre-existing Workshop Topics

Generally each two-hour session provides enough time to cover one topic only (including time for audience Q&A).

A half-day of full-day workshop may include two or three topics.

Understanding Your ‘Eco Footprint’ Workshop

This eco footprint workshop covers the basics of sustainability. It includes discussion of key concepts such as Ecological Sustainable Development, climate change, greenhouse gases and the Earth’s bio-capacity. Practical activities of calculating individual ecological footprint’s can also be included.

Measuring & Monitoring Energy Consumption Workshop

Despite rapidly rising energy bills, energy consumption remains an abstract concept for most homes and businesses. This is a focused workshop on how to measure and monitor energy consumption and understand utility bills. This workshop can include a practical guide to the NSW Save Power Kit’s (available for rent from Council libraries).

Household or Business Energy Efficiency Workshop

This energy workshop will help participants identify energy guzzlers and available solutions. It outlines a number of no-cost and low-cost measures that can be implemented to start reducing energy consumption right-away. Some basic theory on how energy is generated is also included. This workshop can be tailored for household or business participants.

Household or Business Energy Auditing Workshop

Distilled from our extensive on-the-ground experience in household and business energy auditing, this workshop is for those with a good working knowledge of energy efficiency who want to undertake energy audits themselves. It covers the key elements needed to provide energy-savings advice in a professional manner. See also: Course in Energy, Water & Waste Efficiency for Households or Business Energy Auditing Training.

Water Efficiency Workshop

This sessions covers the essentials of water efficiency in the home and garden. Topics include: retrofits for bathroom, laundry and kitchen, water saving behaviours, and government rebates.

Greywater Workshop

This training outlines how to safely and effectively use greywater as an alternative water source. Topics covered include the effect on soils, system types and installation, available rebates and government regulations.

Passive Solar Design Workshop

This training session covers the basic principles of solar passive design, looking at how we can build more comfortable homes that use the least amount of energy to live in. Included is discussion on retrofitting existing homes to improve solar passive effects. A case study of Ian Moxon’s fully off-grid sustainable house can also be included (pictured).

Waste Management Workshop

This workshop covers practical ways of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by households and businesses. We explore in depth the four R’s of waste management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Remove.

Sustainable Gardens Workshop

This topic covers the essential practices in gardening sustainably: water efficiency, composting, worm farming, no-dig gardening, mulching, organic fertilizers and plant choices. Related topics discussed include energy efficiency of garden equipment, pools and spas.

An Experienced Team

Our trainers have extensive experience in delivering workshops and training programs for a range of individuals and organisations, including:

  • Individual participants
  • Local government
  • Energy utilities
  • Private businesses
  • Training organisations

Past Sustainability Workshop Customers

Past workshop clients include:

Liverpool City Council, The Hills Shire Council, Blue Mountains City Council, Ausgrid (was Energy Australia), Endeavour Energy (was Integral Energy), Elgas and MTC Work Solutions

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