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This Business Energy Auditing Handbook is available exclusively from Reduction Revolution. Its contents are derived from many years' industry experience, including the completion of over 500 business energy audits.

The handbook is suitable for anyone looking to complete quality energy audits of commercial, government or community buildings. It contains detailed information about:

  • measuring & monitoring energy usage,
  • interpreting & analysing energy bills,
  • identifying power ratings & duty cycles,
  • calculating energy usage & realistic savings,
  • energy-saving measures (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, office equipment, hot water systems, air compression systems).

Please note: this Handbook is issued free to those undertaking Business Energy Auditing Training.

Business Energy Auditing Manual - Table of Contents

The booklet is 72 pages in length. It covers five key topic areas:

  1. Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Energy Basics
  3. Understanding Energy Use
  4. Energy Saving Opportunities
  5. Implementing Energy Efficiency

** To review the full table of contents click on the images section above. **

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