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The Aquamonitor GreenStar wireless water monitor displays your water usage in real time inside your home or business.

  • Add an Energy Sensor to track both energy and water usage from the one device!
  • Alerts and indicators give full control of water consumption.
  • Helps prevent wastage from leaks and unintended water use.
  • Works with the vast majority of water meters found in Australia (see compatibility list below).

How Does it Work?

Display Screen

The indoor display screen shows real time water consumption from your water meter. It provides visual and sound alerts if there is a potential problem such as a leak. One display can connect to 3 Mains Sensor if required. You can monitor:

  • Total household consumption from all water sources
  • Daily, weekly and quarterly consumption figures and costs

Mains Sensor

Mains water usage is monitored by attaching a Mains Sensor to an existing water meter. The sensor is powered by a single 3.6V AA battery (supplied) and sends flow information to the Display Screen every minute using a wireless connection.

It is designed for self-installation and does not need any plumbing changes for compatible meters. The sensor does not contact the water. It makes use of the ‘pulse output’ facility that is built-in to most water meters. The arrangement of the pulse output depends on the type of water meter and so the Aquamonitor Mains Sensor is available in a range of models to suit different types of meters.

Aquamonitor Specifications

Display Screen

  • 70MHz low power ARM CPU
  • Compact size 137mm (W) 85mm (H) 41mm (D) (excluding bracket).
  • Graphic LCD for display of mixed font sizes, bar graphs and icons.
  • USB 2.0 Port for easy download of stored consumption data.
  • Internal data logging up to 1 year of hourly data from up to three sensors.
  • Visual and optional sound alert.
  • LED backlight with auto power save and night mode operation.
  • Illuminated buttons with soft-key functions for ease of use.
  • Status bar display of sensor connection, battery status and date/time.
  • Status screen shows alarms, battery and wireless status of all connected sensors.
  • Auto screen configuration depending on connected sensors.
  • Integrated digital wireless radio with automatic clear channel selection and sensor pairing. This allows sensors to be added or removed whilst maintaining data security.

Mains Sensor

  • Digital wireless operation with unique serial number provides data security and validation.
  • Status LED for indication of power-up and RF transmission for easy checking of operation.
  • Single 3.6V AA Lithium battery for long life operation (supplied with unit)
  • Internal battery monitoring allows battery status display at the Display Unit.
  • Compact size 85mm (W) 83mm (H) 26mm (D) (excluding bracket).
  • Sealed enclosure with pipe and surface mount brackets for quick and easy fitting.

List of Aquamonitor Compatible Water Meters

Manufacturer / Model Image Notes

Elster and Kent V100 and V200 

* Common * 

There are various sizes and shapes of these meters. Compatibility is ensured by checking that there is a small black oval shaped plug on the meter shoulder.

RMC 'Dial Face' (Endurance) 

* Common * 

If the meter has a recess on the face (as shown) then the meter is compatible.
ABB and Kent More common in commercial applications. These meters can take various brands and models.
Actaris and Itron Commonly used for domestic applications. Areas of usage include Brisbane and Perth.
Arad Often found in commercial applications and include the WST meter (shown). Compatible meters have a recess in the front face of the meter to allow the pulse unit to be fitted.
B Meter Domestic and commercial applications. The model shown uses a reed switch unit that slides into the meter face. Compatibility is ensured if the meter has a recess or raised guides on the meter face.
RMC 'Bullet' Similar to V100 above, compatibility is ensured by a small oval shaped black plug on the meter body.
Flying Lead Connector For water meters already fitted with a sensor.
Use the 'Flying Lead Connector' option in conjunction with any water meter already fitted with a two-wire pulse output. Pulse frequency limited to approximately 1Hz.


Meters which are known to be non-compatible are the Davies Shephard meters labelled with 'DS' or 'Modulmeter D'

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