FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Sample Images

We have presented a range of sample thermal images below. These images do not show specific faults, but give you an idea of how the different specifications impact on overall image quality and sensitivity.

Thermal imaging inspection of electrical components

Notice how the presence of the 'MSX' image technology makes the image much clearer on the C2 model and above:

Thermal Images Electrical Board Inspection

Thermal images of hot water and air conditioning pipes

Notice how the image becomes a lot clearer as you go up in thermal resolution through the range (the E8 is highest spec in this example):

Thermal imaging inspection of hot and cold water pipes

Thermal image of LED downlights & ceiling

Notice how you can make out the three transformers in the roof lying next to the lights, despite the fact that these are behind the ceiling panels and not visible in the visual image:

Thermal image of ceiling and LED lights

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