An Energy Reduction Service With No Upfront Cost

The conventional way to save energy and reduce emissions involves paying consultants for advice, paying installers and paying for products.

And then hoping for some savings.

Introducing the negergy Energy Reduction Service

To break this cycle of high up-front cost and uncertain outcomes negergy has a new approach to energy efficiency.

To implement the service, negergy will:

  1. Establish an energy consumption baseline for your business.
  2. Identify a comprehensive list of energy saving actions to be implemented.
  3. Install the measures for no charge.
  4. Retain ownership of (and responsibility for replacing) the equipment installed.
  5. Charge you a low pre-agreed savings rate for savings actually achieved (not forecast).

Isn't that too good to be true?

Not quite, but here's the crux of why it beats every other option hands down:

  • We, as your service provider, have an ongoing interest in reducing your energy consumption. The more we save you, the more we get paid.
  • But, so do you, because the savings rate that we charge you is significantly lower than your current energy tariffs.

See the service in action

Shown below is the daily consumption history of our pilot site in Sydney.

The site commenced our energy reduction service in 2009. Since then, consumption has dropped by a massive 39%.

And the business paid $0 up front.

Daily energy consumption - before and during negergy's Energy Reduction Service

Daily energy consumption - before (2009) and during (2011) negergy's Energy Reduction Service 

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Reduction Revolution Pty Ltd (ABN 74 141 672 764) is an Australian-owned company focused on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Since 2010 we have supplied thousands of customers with training, advice, monitoring, lighting, and innovative energy saving products.

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