Course Topic 6 - Waste

Video 1 - Waste to Resource

Video 2 - Managing Household Waste

Video 3 - Toxic Household Waste

Video 4 - Household Waste Plastics

Video 5 - E-Waste

Activities to complete (Required):

  1. Complete the waste quiz
  2. Complete a 'waste audit' for your household (overview below)

Choose a typical week or fortnight in your household to identify and measure your solid waste (ie. all the materials you and your family discard for council collection or deliver to your local waste management facility.)

For consistency estimate the measure of your waste in either litres or kilograms. You can check the size of wheelie bins used by searching your local council’s website.

Collect and measure the following information (rough numbers are okay!):

  • How much is composted or put through a worm farm?
  • How much organic material is in your ‘green’ bin or taken to the tip for composting?
  • How much is recycled? Identify each type of recyclable material and estimate the percentage of bulk each material takes up. eg. plastic, paper, glass.
  • How much is in your landfill bin? Identify each type of material and estimate the percentage of bulk each material takes up.

Further links and resources (Optional):

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