Course Topic 1 - Sustainability

Welcome! What does sustainability mean to you?

Before viewing the first video take a few minutes to think about what sustainability means to you.

Using a large piece of blank paper and some colour markers, crayons or textas draw a picture of what sustainability means to you. Use only images and no words.

It’s not a drawing competition, so don’t feel you need to create a masterpiece. This is about expressing a personal sense of sustainability in a universal language.

Take up to ten minutes for this activity, then view the video below.

Make a few notes about your response. Here are a few questions to get you started: Did this activity evoke an emotional response, if so what? What thoughts or ideas emerged for you in this activity? There are no right or wrong answers.

Video 1 - Sustainability Activity

Video 2 - Introduction to Sustainability

Video 3 - Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming & Climate Change

Video 4 - Peak Resources, Ecological Footprints

Followup Activities (Required)

Item 1 is auto-marking and your response will be recorded. For items 2 & 3 - please print to PDF and retain a copy of the results page.
  1. Complete the sustainability quiz (Reduction Revolution)
  2. Calculate your ecological footprint (via Global Footprint Network)
  3. Calculate your carbon footprint (via Sustainability Victoria)

    Further Links & Resources (Optional)

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