Course Topic 2 - Energy

Video 1 - Energy Basics

Video 2 - Energy Measurements

Video 3 - Measuring & Monitoring

Video 4 - Lighting

Video 5 - Heating & Cooling

Video 6 - Kitchen & Laundry

Video 7 - Entertainment & Office

Video 8 - The Garden

Followup Activities (Required)

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  1. Complete the energy quiz
  2. Review the nameplate power rating on a few of your appliances. Or use a plug-in power meter to conduct more detailed measurements.
  3. Review the lighting intensity in a few rooms in your home:
    • Measure the floor area of the room in square metres.
    • Calculate the total wattage of lighting in the room, ie. add wattage of every globe installed the room, including portable lamps.
    • How many watts are you using per square metre? How does this compare to other rooms? Could this be reduced by more appropriate general lighting or more targeted task lighting?
    • Alternatively, use a lux meter to measure actual light levels and compare them against the Australian Standard (table available on our lux meter product page).

Further links and resources (Optional):

Here are some resources related to the topic of energy efficiency:


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