Bosch Compress Heat Pump Hot Water System


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A Smarter Way to Create & Store Hot Water

The Bosch Heat Pump provides a smarter and more energy-efficient way to meet your hot water needs. Here's why we think it's the best value hot water system on the market:

  • Replace existing gas, electric, or solar hot water systems for up to 65% energy savings.
  • Works in all climates Australia wide, from -7˚C to 40˚C.
  • With 270 litres of storage capacity, it's ideal for households with 1 to 4 people.
  • Smart control panel to adjust settings and minimise energy costs.
  • Eligible for government rebate worth up to $1,000.

How does the Bosch Heat Pump work?

How the Bosch Heat Pump Works

The Bosch Heat Pump works a bit like your refrigerator, but in reverse. The heat pump located at the top of the tank extracts heat from ambient air, and uses it to heat water.

On average, the Bosch Heat Pump consumes just 600 Watts of electricity to produce 1,000 to 2,000 Watts of heat.

The Bosch Heat Pump hot water system is also equipped with a 1,650 Watt booster element. This is only called upon in the extreme cold (below 0˚C) and at times of very high hot water demand.

Choose Pickup or Delivery

The Bosch Heat Pumps are warehoused at the following locations:

  • Melbourne - Dandenong South, Victoria 3175
  • Brisbane - Lytton, Queensland 4178
  • Tasmania - Launceston, TAS 7250

Heat Pump DeliveryPick Up From Warehouse - You, your plumber, or your courier can pick the goods up from the above locations. The heat pump can be transported on its side if needed. Please note the packaged unit weighs 128kg and is 2m x 0.7m x 0.7m in size.

Delivery To Business Premises - We can deliver the goods to anywhere in Australia provided it is a business address. Simply choose the 'Delivered To Business Premises' option in the drop-down menu at the top of this page. This can be your work address, a local freight company's depot, storage warehouse, or similar.

How to Find a Hot Water System Installer

The Bosch Heat Pump Hot Water System is plumbed in like any other hot water tank. Furthermore, because it is so energy efficient, it only needs a 10 amp electrical connection (eg. a regular power point).

There is no requirement to use a Bosch certified installer, but you can search for one here. Most installs cost between $600 & $1,000 (this covers both an electrician and plumber).

Claim up to $1,000 in Hot Water Rebates

The Bosch Heat Pump Hot Water System is classified as a solar hot water heater (due to its energy efficiency). The tank can create tradable Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) worth up to $1000.

You (or your installer) can claim the rebate by filling out this form. This form is provided by Greenbank, a separate business to Reduction Revolution.

STC Zones for Hot Water

Your system will create the following number of STCs:

  • Zone 1 - 23
  • Zone 2 - 23
  • Zone 3 - 27
  • Zone 4 - 29
  • Zone 5 - 27

The rebate can be claimed up to 12 months after installation.

Buy a hot water system that you can trust

Bosch Heat Pump

Industry leading quality. These heat pumps are designed and made in Bosch's European manufacturing plant in Portugal.

Nation-wide support network. Bosch backs the products they sell with a nation-wide support network. The product comes with a 2 year parts & labour, and 5 year tank warranty.

Here's what makes it a 'smart' water heater

Here are some Bosch Hot Water Heater features, which you won't find elsewhere:

Ideal for Use with Solar Panels. If you have solar panels, we recommend you set the heat pump to operate during the day (within say 8am to 6pm). This means your heat pump can operate effectively 'for free' from your solar panels. Daytime operation also maximises the efficiency of the heat pump (higher air temperature).

Utilise Cheaper Tariffs. If you don't have solar power, you can still benefit. For example, if you have 'time of use' tariffs we recommend setting the Heat Pump to operate during 'off peak' and 'shoulder' times. This will minimise the cost of running the device.

Bosch Heat Pump Control Panel

Close up of the control panel on the side of the tank.

Adjust the Temperature Set-point. Unlike other hot water systems, you can easily adjust the set-point temperature. The unit is factory set at 56˚C. If you are low hot water users, you can drop this to around 50˚C for maximum efficiency. If you have a large family, setting the temperature higher will increase the amount of usable hot water. Note: the tank is installed with a tempering valve to ensure safety, even at higher set-points.

Weekly Hot Water Sterilisation. For added safety, the tank runs a once-per-week sterilisation. All water in the tank is heated to 60˚C for 30 minutes to eliminate Legionella or other pathogens, in the unlikely event that they are present.

Use 'Holiday Mode' When Away. Yet another unique feature of this hot water tank is its holiday mode. Simply enter the dates when you will be away, and the system will fire-up before you return to ensure a full tank of hot water!  

Specifications - Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat Pump Operating Temperature -7˚C to +40˚C
Total Operating Temperature -10˚C to +50˚C
Storage Capacity
270 litres
Max Water Relief Pressure
1000 kPa
Max Water Supply Pressure
800 kPa
Coefficient of Performance (COP) 
Heat Pump Max Input
0.6 kW
Heat Pump Heating Capacity
1.5 kW
Back Up Electric Element Input
1.65 kW
Maximum Current @ 230V 9.8 A (only when both heat pump & booster element are on, which is very rare)
Sound Pressure Level at 2m 43 dB (A)
Refrigeration Type & Mass R134a / 0.375 kg 
Weight 128 kg (empty, including packaging)
Dimensions Unit - 1840mm (height) x 670mm (diameter)
Packaged - 2m x 0.7m x 0.7m (approx.)
Warranty 5 Years (Tank)
2 Years (Parts & Labour)
Product Identifiers Bosch Compress 3000 DW FOO (name); HP270-2E 0 FOOV/S (model); 7736501960 (product code).
Further Documentation Customer Brochure (PDF), Installer Brochure (PDF), Installation Manual (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to operate?

Exact running cost will depend on many factors. These include your usage habits (fittings used, number of people) and your climate. Generally speaking, the unit is far cheaper to run than gas or electric systems. If well optimised, it is even cheaper to operate than gas or electric boosted solar hot water systems.

  • Houses with solar = 1kWh/day from grid (balance from solar) = $91 per year
  • No solar = 2.75kWh/day from grid = $251 per year

These rough numbers assume a 2-3 person household paying $0.25/kWh. If you live in a warm climate and/or optimise the settings, you can do even better! Like all hot water systems, the heat pump uses more energy in winter and less in summer.

How is it better than solar hot water?

The Bosch Heat Pump is better than solar hot water in four main ways:

  1. It can actually be cheaper to run than solar hot water (see above point).
  2. It is much cheaper to buy.
  3. It is less complex, so it is also cheaper to install (no collectors on roof, etc).
  4. It leaves more space on your roof for solar PV panels!

How does it actually perform in very cold weather?

Coefficient of Performance (COP) is the measure of heat pump performance. The average COP for the Bosch Heat Pump is 3.3. This means for each unit of electricity it creates (or rather transfers) 3.3 units of heat.

Other manufacturers often hide their COP performance data. This is typically due to poor performance at low temperatures. Bosch have shared the data with us. As you can see in this PDF even at very low temperatures the COP is still reasonable. For example, at 5˚C air temperature and 15˚C inlet temperature the COP is 3.

Can I run it on off peak 'controlled load' power?

Off peak 'controlled load' tariffs are popular with some electric storage hot water systems. They are not as suitable for heat pump hot water systems as you cannot control exactly when your hot water tank will operate. 

  • Off Peak 1, Controlled Load 1 or Tariff 31. These tariffs are only available for 5-9 hours overnight so we don't recommend them.
  • Off Peak 2, Controlled Load 2 or Tariff 33. These tariffs are available for 10-18 hours per day so should be okay.
  • Tariff 62 or Tariff 63 (Tasmania). These tariffs are available for at least 9 hours per day. Owing to the colder climate, we don't recommend them unless you are a small household.

The above 'controlled load' tariffs are not to be confused with 'time of use' or 'smart meter' tariffs. Time of use tariffs vary by time of day and time of week. You can make use of these cheaper rates simply by setting your tank to operate at these times.

Can it be installed indoors (eg. garage, laundry or shed)?

Yes, as long as the room is at least 22.5 cubic metres in size and has airflow to outside. See page 16 of the installation manual for further details.

How much noise does it make?

The Bosch Heat Pump generates about the same amount of noise as a small air conditioner's outdoor unit. From inside your house you generally cannot hear it. From outside, the compressor and fan just produce a low hum. If you want to further reduce the noise levels there are two things you can do:

  1. Set the timer program to operate only at certain times of day (eg. day time only, rather than overnight).
  2. Use the in-built 'noise reduction mode'. This drops the noise produced by a further 2dB and is accessible via the 'SIL' function. See page 33 of the installation manual for set-up instructions.

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