Question: "I have these LED bulbs in my house, but they've been there since 2015 and I think they have been superseded by a new Philips model (as was the 7W model). Can you tell me what the new model is and whether you have them."

Philips LED downlight bulbs, 5.5W 12Vac 3000K 60D (model no 9290002671) non dimmable.

Answer: This 5W MR16 is our current most similar replacement for that light bulb.

The main differences between the 6.5W and the 5W models are:

  1. The 6.5W is dimmable and the 5W is not.
  2. The 6.5W has a longer warranty and life cycle (40,000 hours) compared to 15,000 hours.
  3. The 6.5W model is generally more compatible with existing transformers than the 5W model.
  4. The 6.5W model has a higher CRI (colour rendering index) of 90 compared to 80 for the 5W.
  5. The 6.5W model has a higher light output of 500 lumens compared to 390 lumens for the 5W model.

In summary, the 6.5W MR16 Master series globe is superior to the 5W model. However, the 5W MR16 offers great value if you are upgrading lights in lower-usage area that are non-dimmable.

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