Question: "I am planning to monitor my home office consumption. All of my devices come from a double power point (computers, adjustable desk, small heaters, desk lamps, printers, etc). Can your power meters be used like this for 24/7? I’d like to monitor energy consumption of my personal home office for tax purposes. Or do you have a better solution?

Answer: Provided the power limits of the plug are not exceeded, one or more plugs could be used to monitor energy consumption in a home office.

Please note: suggestions are general, please speak with a tax accountant for any specific advice.

A few other considerations:

  • any hardwired lighting would not be captured
  • any hardwired or central air conditioning would not be captured
  • if your electricity rates change throughout the day, it may not be easy to disaggregate your usage.

An alternative approach would be to have an electrician install a sub-meter on a circuit just for your home office.

This would show cumulative consumption over time and you could manually take a record (once a month, quarter or year), or could be combined with an app-based energy monitor for more granular data.

Lastly, I would suggest comparing these hardware solutions against the non-hardware options detailed by the ATO.

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