Question: "Have you been able to source any MR16 or GU10 bulbs that are properly compatible with Clipsal C-Bus dimming?"

Answer: Some of our customers have reported that our Philips Master MR16 and Philips Master GU10 LED light bulbs worked successfully with their C-Bus systems.

For example, a customer recently commented on the GU10 that they "work nicely with cbus universal dimmers".

However, not all c-bus lighting systems are the same. So, in general, we recommend you buy a set of these bulbs to test out before committing to an entire upgrade. We usually recommend purchasing enough globes to test out a whole circuit (not just a single bulb). This is because c-bus dimmers will often have a minimum load before they turn on, and maybe one LED bulb is not enough.

To minimise the cost of this exercise to a negligible amount, you can keep the globes in 'as new condition' when testing them. Then, if they do not work to your satisfaction, you can return them to us for credit or refund.

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