Nine Reasons NOT to Switch to LED Lighting

Many people are upgrading their lighting to LED to save money on their power bills. But before you make the switch, here are nine reasons why you might want to stay in the dark ages. Because we couldn't think of ten reasons.

1. Paying large energy bills makes you feel important.

Your favourite line to the kids is “I pay the bills around here, so follow my rules!” But what if your energy bills were so low that even your fifteen year old working at McDonalds could pay them off? What then? Better not switch to LED.

bossy parent

That's weird, we did a google search for "bossy parent" and found a photo of you.

2. You love changing lightbulbs. 

Because changing a light bulb reminds you of those great jokes where you make fun of different nationalities and occupations. People are too PC these days, they can’t even handle a light bulb joke. Unfortunately now with LEDs and their ridiculously long lifetimes, no-one will know what you’re on about. 

gas lamp

Q: How many people does it take to light a gas lamp? A: Go to bed grandpa.

3. You like living on the edge.

As an adrenaline junkie, you love extreme sports, fast cars and heavy metal music. The fact that fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs contain mercury doesn't faze you. If they break, they could expose you or your family to poisonous mercury vapours. It’s danger literally hanging over your head.  But you laugh in the face of danger, don’t you? 

4. You think carbon emissions are a good thing.

You're not sure about this whole “climate change” thing, sounds like a government conspiracy. Surely there’s nothing wrong with pumping tonnes of emissions in the air, we should do it more, not less. And it keeps the coal miners (and those driver-less remote controlled trucks) in business. 

5. You’re a technophobe.

Sure, LED lighting is the latest technology and has many advantages over other forms of lighting. But you saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator on late night TV and his brilliant portrayal of a robot scared you so much that you’re now considering moving to Pennsylvania to join the Amish.

6. You like the look of the old “energy saver” curly CFL bulbs.

They remind you of soft serve ice-cream or miniature versions of those water slides at wet-and-wild. It’s especially awesome how they’re great at collecting dust, not to mention how cute little spiders like to spin their webs all over them.  Sure, LEDs save more energy than these so-called “energy-savers”, but then you wouldn’t have any glaringly obvious proof of your eco-credentials when visitors come over.

CFLs in a fan light fitting

Simply stunning.

7. You like the extra heat halogens downlights give out.

It’s like having lots of little heaters in your ceiling. Great in winter because you have a tall family and you read on the internet that most heat is lost through the head.  Not so great in summer though, but it's ok because one day you might need them to raise some baby chickens.

8. Firemen.

LED lighting reduces the chance of fire in your home (see point above). Which reduces the chances of having firemen over. Which is just sad.

Hot firemen with puppies

Switching to LED? Why do you hate puppies?

9. You like the flickering of fluorescent tubes.

When you switch on the lights and they make that familiar blinkety-blink sound, it’s just so comforting. It’s almost as if the lights are saying “welcome home friend!” But if you replaced your fluoro tubes with instant-on LED tubes, you'll only be greeted by a deathly silence. You're a bit lonely aren't you? Maybe get a cat or something.

Think this blog post is stupid? Fine then, check out our complete range of LED Lighting.

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