Green / Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Gifts Under $20

EcoSwitchEcoSwitch Standby Switch - A great Christmas gift for owners of large or numerous energy guzzling appliances. The EcoSwitch cuts standby power to zero with the simple flick of a switch. The EcoSwitch is also useful for elderly family members who may like a more accessible way to switch power points on and off.

LED Filament GlobesLED Filament Globes - A great eco gift for anyone after a 'retro' looking light bulb without an accompanying high energy bill. Keep in mind those hard-to-please types who have been complaining for years about the inadequacies of energy saving light bulbs. Finally, we have a solution for them. See also our full range of LED lights & fittings.

ThermometerEnergy Efficiency Thermometer - Probably not the most exciting green gift yet, but maybe you'd like to politely remind someone how easy it is to save energy. It comes with our recommended energy saving set-point temperatures for hot water, heating, cooling, and refrigeration.

    Popular Gifts from $20 to $100

    HeaterMateHeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat - This device is really popular with parents of young children and babies. They love the HeaterMate for its ability to automatically control the temperature in their children's room overnight. They'll love the energy savings too, of course!

    Efergy EgoEfergy Ego Smart Socket - A great eco gift for the technically inclined. With the Efergy Ego you can remotely monitor and control power usage. Know someone who'd love to switch an appliance on remotely, before they get home? No problem!

    Billyboil Thermal CookerBillyboil Thermal Cooker - A great Christmas gift for anyone who wants to save time and energy in the kitchen. You literally cannot burn food with the Billyboil. But don't take our word for it, have a read of the many reviews from our happy customers on the product page. 

      Gifts over $100

      Efergy Engage HubEfergy Engage Hub & Solar Hub - These handy devices show entire household energy usage, in realtime. The accompanying web portal and mobile phone app (which are free to use after the initial hardware purchase) can be viewed remotely. They also store historical information. Perfect for anyone looking to take control of their energy usage, or those looking to maximise the benefit of their investment in solar PV panels.

      Please note: the Efergy Engage Hub described above should be installed by an electrician. You may also like to review some of our other energy meters & monitors (many of which can be self-installed).

      FLIR One Thermal iPhone AndroidFLIR One for iPhone or Android - Thermal imaging cameras with the capabilities of the FLIR One used to cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to rapid improvements in technology you can now pick up this device for a few hundred dollars. It is still maybe a little generous as a gift, but if you want to find the way to an engineer's heart, this would probably be it.

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