Give an Energy Saving Gift That Keeps on Giving

An energy saving gift for the power-bill-payer in your household or workplace could bring some welcome relief to ever rising electricity bills.

Not that eco gifts should be limited just to those who pay the bills! Our electricity grid is still mostly coal powered, so any reduction in energy usage that you help achieve has big environmental benefits as well. Not to mention the fact that energy saving items often extend the lifetime of equipment, and therefore reduce maintenance costs.

Energy Saving Gifts 'Keep On Giving' in Three Ways

  1. They reduce power bills ongoing into the future.
  2. They reduce emissions from energy production.
  3. They often reduce maintenance costs and/or save time.

Top 5 Gift Ideas Under $50

Osram Battery LED LightOsram DOT-it Battery Operated LED Light - Know someone who is always cursing when they can't find something in a dark cupboard of cabinet? This low-cost battery powered LED light could be the answer.

EcoSwitchEcoSwitch Standby Switch - A great gift for anyone who forgets to turn appliances off at the wall (and that's almost everyone!). The EcoSwitch eliminates the standby power usage of TV, computer, and other entertainment equipment. It is also useful for elderly family members who may like a more accessible way to switch power points on and off.

Power Usage MeterReduction Revolution Plug-in Power Meter - A great gift for anyone who wants to know how much their appliances really cost to run. Simply plug any appliance into this device and you can find out how much power it uses, and what it costs over time. Goes well with the EcoSwitch (above) to determine exactly which appliances should be switched off at the wall.

LED Light BulbsLED Light Bulbs - It's true to say a light bulb is not a very exciting gift. But I thought I'd put it in this list because people often do not realise that you can now get an LED light bulb for almost every light fitting. Like dimmable chandelier lights and even fluro tube replacements. See our full range of LED lights & fittings.

    HeaterMateHeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat - This device is really popular with parents of young children and babies. They love the HeaterMate for its ability to automatically control the temperature in their children's room overnight. They'll love the energy savings too, of course!

    Top 5 Gift Ideas Over $50

    Billyboil Thermal CookerBillyboil Thermal Cooker - A great Christmas gift for anyone who wants to save time and energy in the kitchen. It's also ideal for car camping and caravanning enthusiasts. But don't take our word for it, have a read of the many reviews from our happy customers on the product page.

    Efergy Engage HubWireless Energy Monitor - A wireless energy monitor shows your entire household energy usage, in realtime. If you would like a device with a web portal and mobile phone app I recommend the Efergy Engage Hub (regular) or Solar (if you have solar panels). Please note that these devices need to be installed by an electrician.

    Portable Charcoal BBQLotusGrill Portable Charcoal BBQ - A great Christmas gift for those who love a good BBQ and saving energy. This innovative German designed BBQ uses substantially less fuel than anything else we have seen. It's great for at home or when out on a picnic.

    FutureWave Pool Pump Energy SaverFuture Wave Pool Pump Energy Saver - We're getting into pricier territory here, but summer is the peak time for pool usage so I thought I would include this device. It's also worth mentioning that a pool pump running for 8 hours per day costs nearly $1,000 per year to operate (depending on motor size and electricity rates). So any method to reduce this usage, whilst still maintaining water quality, is well worth a look.

    FLIR One ProFLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera - Maybe this one may be a (tax deductible?) gift to yourself for all the business owners and contractors out there. The FLIR ONE Pro attaches to your iPhone or USB-C android phone. It makes high quality thermal imaging way more accessible than it used to be. It can be used for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical fault finding, and much more.

    Need more ideas? See our homepage.

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