Philips Master LED 10 Watt MR16 - Secret to Long Lifetime Revealed

You will notice that most MR16 LED downlight replacements have very low power consumption. In many cases this power consumption is too low.

2013 UPDATE: Fan-less Philips Master 7 watt MR16 LED just released.

To address this, Philips released a lamp which consumes 10 watts and is a genuine direct replacement of a 50 watt halogen.

The downside of higher LED power is the need to run them at a low temperature to guarantee energy efficiency and a long lamp lifetime. This is why you often see giant heat-sinks on the back of LED lights. It's also a good reason why you should not trust the "50,000 hour" or "100,000 hour" lamp lifetime claims being made by no-name brand LED manufacturers and salesman.

Anyway, one problem with giant heat-sinks is that they often do not fit into your existing halogen down light fixture.

So, rather than building an unsightly heat-sink, Phillips has a secret hiding inside their high brightness LEDs. That secret is a tiny cooling fan which ensures the LEDs run at a low temperature.

To see this for myself I recently dismantled one of our Philips Master LED MR16 10 watt downlights.

The picture below shows the inside of this down light - the part behind the LEDs.

Inside Philips Master LED MR16 10 Watt

And just to convince you that the tiny fan actually works, I filmed a short video clip of the ventilation fan in action:

In most cases ceiling ventilation will cause problems with your energy consumption. This is because holes in your ceiling like extractor fans inadvertently remove heated air from your home in winter and cool air in summer.

Thankfully, the tiny ventilation fan inside the Philips LED down lights will not cause this problem. That's because the lamp is sealed to the roof space (its air intake and outlet are both on the 'room side' of the lamp).

2013 UPDATE: New fan-less Philips Master LED 7W just released

- Ryan McCarthy

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