Halogen to LED Downlight Replacement - Installation Photos

After much testing and deliberation, I finally launched the Philips LED Downlights last week. They're already proving to be quite popular.

That may have something to do with the insanely low price I have introduced them at. (Note: It probably can't last if the Aussie dollar continues to slip, so I'd get in while it's still this good).

Anyway, the point of this post is to share some installation photos from the last week.

The Philips LEDs work well in bedrooms and studies. The room shown here has a total of five LEDs installed. The LEDs replaced two blown halogens and three 35 watt IRC halogens. The results: much brighter, and more importantly, more consistent lighting.

O yeah, and a 50% reduction in energy consumption. That's despite the fact that only some of the lights were working previously and this room had already been upgraded to the so called 'energy saver halogens' (35 watt IRC's).

Halogen to LED Downlight Replacement

They are great in hallways. The photo below is useful because it shows how bright these globes are when operating on their own. You could be forgiven for thinking I was trying to trick you with all my other photos which of course show the 'combined' effect of having many lamps in one area. Well, I wasn't... Hopefully this photo helps (just one lamp in a hallway).

10 watt MR16 LED brightness

The 10 watt LEDs are an excellent choice in living rooms. In this first photo you will notice the room has a relatively low ceiling and the downlight fixtures are annoyingly recessed. (I say they are 'annoyingly' recessed because these fixtures tend to 'chop off' a portion of the light output). Even so, the LEDs certainly do the job.

Living Room Recessed LED Down Lights

The lounge room below is quite the opposite. It has very high ceilings, but the LED's still work well. In fact, I would argue they are in their element here as they direct all their light output where it is needed (unlike a halogen which loses much of its output to the roof space).

Also, notice that the one halogen globe in this photo (on the left hand side) has a harsh edge where its light output hits the wall. The new LED downlights next to it produce a much more even spread of light. This is not simply a result of the two lamps having slightly different beam angles, although that is a contributing factor.

Lounge Room Halogen vs. LED  

You would never have guessed: they work well in kitchens too.

MR16 LED Halogen Replacements in Kitchen

Hopefully those pictures provide you with some more confidence about the suitability of the MR16 LED downlights (click the link to find out more and place your order). They are a true halogen replacement and they use 80% less energy.

- Ryan McCarthy

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