A door snake that actually stops the drafts?

Considering I seem to be stuck in a series on how to seal your doors... It's probably time I discussed the most-obvious solution: the door snake.

Door snakes are probably the simplest (and laziest) way to seal your external doors. Unfortunately, a lot of the time they aren't very effective.

Door snakes leave gaps

Half the time door snakes do not fit properly behind the door they are installed on, leaving large gaps... 

Door snake not used

... And the other half of the time they aren't used properly, left open behind doors (rendering them useless). 

Also, they are often made of fairly light-weight or inflexible material, again rendering them ineffective. Never fear, there is a solution!

The two-sided door snake

I must admit, I hadn't come across this solution until very recently. It's decidedly simple: essentially two door snakes sown together to prevent the above problem from happening.

The Wellington Sustainability Trust makes them from curtain offcuts and sells them for $15.

Two sided door snakes

Two sided door snakes from Wellington Sustainability Trust 

It has even attracted one of those I-can't-believe-I-don't-have-twenty-seven-of-these television adverts. Watch the 'twin draft guard' video and be amazed :)

That aside, it is a nice, simple solution. But, it won't fair too well on your outside doors. And lets face it: external doors are the most important doors to be sealing up against draughts.

So, if you're looking to seal external doors I suggest you use one of the two door bottom seals I outlined earlier.

If, on the other hand, you are trying to improve the zoning of your heating and cooling inside your home, then the two sided door snake could be the solution for you.

- Ryan McCarthy

By Ryan McCarthy |

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