Alpha Lujo MyEV: Australia's first low cost electric car?

Update 2014: The Article below on the Alpha Lujo was written in April 2011. Since then I have been contacted by an investor in the company alleging that the CEO William Tien made off with their money for no return. William has now responded in the comments section below.

Alpha Lujo MyEV Electric Car Australia 

I read with some interest in today's Sydney Morning Herald that there is a new electric car (EV) on its way to Australia. The Alpha Lujo MyEV will allegedly be available later this year for as little as $18,000.

Don't get too excited: there have been many false starts for mass-market electric cars in the past. Let's have a closer look at this one.

My skepticism about this EV increases when I have a look on Green Car Congress. It's a fairly through green car site which, surprisingly, has no mention of 'Alpha Lujo' or the 'MyEV'. This means they are a very low key company or aren't quite as advanced as the herald article would have you believe.

Putting that aside, it's worth having a look at the reported specifications... which brings us to their website. Okay, so there aren't many specs to look at either. All I can really say about this electric car is:

  • Three different models, all fairly plain looking
  • Motor power of 15kW (sounds very low - but don't think of it in comparison to a petrol engine)
  • Range of 80-100km (probably using older style batteries if this low)
  • Max speeds of 60-100km/hr (ditto above comment)

So if these do eventuate, they'll definitely be a city commuter type vehicle.

There is still a pretty big market for that. But I'm just wondering how much substance there is to all of this. Are they just trying to ramp up their share price? Mind you, there is a YouTube video... so they certainly have something:

Your fastest way to an electric car may still be to look at your local options such as Blade Electric Vehicles. There are also other small scale producers operating out of the Electric Vehicle Association groups around Australia.

- Ryan McCarthy

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