Get Energy Efficiency right and you could be saving 30 to 70%

Before we get into the nitty-gritty detail of saving energy it's worth having a look at the concept in broader terms. What is energy efficiency anyway?

Energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same level of service.

So it's not about being a cheap-skate. It's about getting what you need and having more money in your back pocket, a healthier balance sheet, and less pollution in the atmosphere.

The scale of the opportunities for energy efficiency in our economy are often drastically under-estimated. Occasionally, reports are released which serve as a wake up call to these missed opportunities.

One such example is a discussion paper jointly released by the Federal, State and Territory governments in Australia back in 2004. The report was titled Towards a National Framework for Energy Efficiency Issues and challenges. We're not sure what happened to the framework, but the report itself is enlightening, in summary:

There are no net costs of appropriate action on energy efficiency - but there are real costs of inaction... There is a significant gap between economically viable levels of energy efficiency and what is actually being delivered by the market.

So it is in fact costly not to be acting on energy efficiency and there is a real market failure. This is precisely what negergy is here to address.

Anyway, the report goes on to detail the cost-effective opportunities for energy efficiency in the various sectors of our economy. For example, it found that in the residential and commercial sectors, reductions of between 30% and 70% were achievable. Even in the electricity supply sector potential savings topped 20%. That was all using commercially available technology (low scenario) or emerging technology (high scenario) six years ago.

A few households and businesses have since realised these savings. Our aim at negergy is to make these savings the norm. The technology is proven, now it's time for action.

Over the coming months we will review and discuss some of the best value energy efficient products and solutions we have found and implemented to-date. No eco gadgets or solar chargers that don't work... just low risk, high return solutions which will save you money and slash your environmental footprint.

- Ryan McCarthy

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