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Our customers include government agencies, electrical contractors, businesses and individuals. Here's some recent feedback:


Goods arrived well packed, safe and on time. Prices of these globes and the fast service are amazing - thank you.

The "tracking" ability on the package through Australia Post was extremely helpful too! The Philips LED 12V Globes work perfectly, and efficiently. We are more than happy to recommend Negergy to anyone who is looking for top quality LED lighting at prices far lower than we are asked to pay here in Adelaide.

- John (South Australia)


The foot mat heater is already making a huge difference to my comfort and focus at my desk. And, I feel comfortable knowing the energy requirement is so low!

- Ali (Victoria)


I have tried some other LED bulbs from bunnings, masters and kogan and had trouble with flickering etc. The Philips bulbs you supplied me are great no flicker, bright light better than the halogens they replaced. Thanks

- Craig (Queensland)


Earlier this year we did some renovations to our house in Brisbane and decided to switch the majority of our lights over to LEDs. We bought about 22 LEDs from negergy, they arrived within 2 days of ordering and when we had installed the new LED bulbs our total consumption for lighting inside our house was about 200 watts!

We have since installed a 2kW solar power system and our family of 5 now consumes less that 2.5kWh per day and exports about 9kWh per day.The LEDs have been fantastic and we are really pleased that our family is a nett power generator rather than a consumer.It feels great to be part of the solution rather than the problem and negergy helped us make this happen.

- Terry (Queensland)


The freezer to fridge conversion is working amazingly well and we now have a very efficient larger fridge. We would recommend this to anyone wanting to convert a chest freezer to a fridge, especially if you are on solar power only, as we are.

- Ruth & Shane (New South Wales)


My electricity consumption for July-Oct was 2,410kWh. After replacing 10 down lights with the MR16 LED’s, my meter reading went down to 1,601kWh for Oct-Jan. I’ll be replacing another 10 down lights tonight and will effectively halve my electricity usage (and the bill) by switching to LED lights from the old halogen lights. Definitely worth the investment.

- Luke (New South Wales)


I'm very satisfied with the GU10 LED globes I purchased off you. I am actually quite photosensitive and other downlights often made me feel sick, but I've had no such problems with these.

- Matt (Western Australia)


Previously I had tried using Philips LED MR16s from Bunnings, but they had only a 30deg arc and so did not provide sufficient light (or spread of light) for the kitchen (and my wife had me change them back out for the halogens).

I have now installed the Philips Master LED MR16 globes that I bought from negergy. Only issue was that they protrude a bit further forward than a normal MR16, so they didn't quite fit into the receptacle in the light fitting. I removed the interfering points from the light fittings with a Dremel tool and now they fit. They provide a good light and are a good alternative to the halogen lights we had. My wife has accepted them as a replacement for the halogens in the kitchen :)

- Luke (Western Australia)


Lights were quick and easy to pop in and the light is so much nicer than the ones we took out. We LOVE ours at home as well...pity we paid for an electrician to pop them in and $56 a pop from a local lighting store... gggrrr!!!!

- Jill (New South Wales)


All good mate, freezer is working well as a fridge for my beer, always seems to be around 2 degrees in there... thank you.

- Dean

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