Reduce Hot Water Energy Consumption

We often think about water conservation as a separate issue to energy efficiency. This should not be the case as the two are inextricably linked. The two main reasons behind this are:

  1. When heated up, using water is one of the most energy intensive activities you can do at home. Leave a hot water tap running full ball and it’s using up the same amount of energy as 2,000 energy-efficient light bulbs. Yes: 2,000 light bulbs.
  2. Supplying and removing water from homes (even if you have your own water supply) uses large amounts of energy. This is particularly the case as the energy intensity of our water supply increases in many areas throughout Australia (with desalination and recycled water systems coming on-line).

So, we’re aiming to address this issue with end-use efficiency. Here’s our first water saving product:

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